Ushering in a New Era of Precision Medicine

The science and practice of medicine is changing. The era of one-size-fits-all medicine is giving way to treatment based on personal information that provides real evidence of whether a specific product is likely to work for a particular patient. These data may range from genetic information derived from a blood test to clinical trials leveraging novel patient stratification techniques or even consumer behavior distilled from novel big data methods.

This focus on more comprehensive information is narrowing medical categories and making treatment more individualized. This is the future of precision medicine and the impact on development and commercialization will be seismic. As the evidence demand by regulators continues to increase, and as large provider systems shape themselves to take risk and consumers take an increasingly active role in their treatment, the ability to more precisely assess risk and response will be fundamental to satisfying the two constituents who will increasingly determine commercial success: the payer and the patient.

Precision for Medicine’s mission is to provide the insight and services to help our life sciences clients succeed in this exciting and evolving landscape.

  • Defining Precision Medicine
  • Comprehensive Real-World Solutions

    Precision medicine’s distinctive trait is patient centricity. This approach operates with the assumption that defining characteristics exist for many treatments that suggest greater benefits for certain sub-populations than for others. While obvious on the surface, it is the combination of scientific advances in genetics, biomarker development, and informatics that enable the rapid advance of precision medicine as a new paradigm that will broadly impact the development and commercialization of drugs and devices.

    At Precision for Medicine, we deliver a range of specialty services built to support the development of next generation products. These services range from biomarker and specialty laboratory services to regulatory guidance to value demonstration and commercialization.

  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Accelerating Value. Improving Outcomes

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide comprehensive and integrated services to our pharmaceutical and life sciences clients that generate, accelerate, and communicate the evidence and analytics necessary to maximize commercial success and improve patient outcomes.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to enable a future where information, science, and technology align to deliver the most appropriate treatment in an outcomes-focused, resource-limited world.

  • Our History
  • Expertise And Experience

    Precision for Medicine (Precision) was founded in 2012 by life science entrepreneurs Ethan Leder and Mark Clein. Financed by $150 million in equity capital, Precision focuses on the service needs associated with discovering, developing, and marketing next generation drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices. Leder and Clein, together with their core management team and investors, have a track record of creating, building, and managing highly successful, science-based service organizations that address emerging product development and commercialization challenges in the life sciences industry.

    Since its inception, Precision has invested heavily in all facets of its business, and today, Precision’s team includes more than 250 employees across 6 campuses. The Precision for Medicine Advisors help drive innovative solutions for our customers by providing leading edge thought leadership to organizations and customer groups looking to navigate tomorrow’s healthcare trends. Our scientists and industry experts offer decades of experience in the research and clinical development of targeted therapies and diagnostics, biorepository, specimen management and clinical solutions, regulatory guidance, commercialization planning, and market adoption.

    In 1999, Leder and Clein founded U.S. Bioservices, a leading provider of distribution and support services for specialty pharmaceuticals. AmeriSourceBergen acquired U.S. Bioservices in 2003. Later that year, Leder and Clein formed United BioSource Corporation (UBC), a provider of post-approval scientific and medical affairs services that became a leading research and commercialization partner to biopharmaceutical companies focused exclusively on addressing the issues of cost effectiveness and safety in the post-approval market. In 2010, Medco Health Solutions, Inc. (now part of Express Scripts Inc.) acquired UBC.

    Based on their experiences with U.S. Bioservices and UBC, as well as more than 20 years of building leading edge healthcare companies, Leder and Clein turned their attention to the emerging service needs associated with next generation drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices.

  • Our Rationale
  • Patient-Focused Development And Commercialization

    Precision medicine is focused on putting the patient at the center of how the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry thinks about and executes the research, development, and commercialization of medical products. We help life science innovators guide personalized therapies and diagnostics from discovery to the clinic, with the patient at the center of every process and resource. Our team believes that facilitating and strengthening the connections between products and people throughout the development and commercialization cycle will drive more efficient research and deliver improved outcomes for patients.