Special Report: Proprietary Insights From 47 Leading Oncology Sites Worldwide.

This in-depth report shares findings from a proprietary survey of lead investigators and uncovers critical trends taking shape at leading oncology trial sites worldwide. The exclusive report details cell and gene therapy advances, e-data adoption and other innovations, and provides essential insights for optimal site selection—including answers to questions that will help if you’re planning a gene or cell therapy trial.

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Essential Findings From an International Oncology Site Survey: A Trial Sponsor’s Guide to the Capabilities and Needs of Clinical Sites

Site selection is a critical first step and foundational to the ultimate success of any oncology trial.

Consolidating findings from an extensive survey taken by lead investigators at 47 Centers of Excellence (all members of the Precision Site Network), this report details:

  • The indications sites are seeking right now
  • The rise of genomic profiling expertise
  • How sites have bolstered their cellular therapy expertise
  • New developments in the management of trial data
  • Shifting requirements for trial manuals

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