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Blood, Biofluids, and Derivatives

Accelerate your research and leverage our world-renowned biorepository and human biospecimens collection network.
Collected from healthy or disease-state subjects, available frozen, from inventory, or fresh, prospectively collected from our network of over 150+ collection sites across the globe. Our large pool of over 4500 donors allows for donor recallability and specialized collections to meet your exact research needs.
  • High-quality blood and biofluids for your research

    Discover Precision's blood and biofluids products, available to ship from inventory or through custom collections to meet your specific needs.

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    Whole Blood

    Human whole blood products from a range of prescreened & qualified healthy and disease-state subjects.

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    Double or single spun, available in all anticoagulants – single tube, bulk, or pooled.
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    Single tube, bulk, or pooled human serum, optimized for cell culture, assay validation, and in-vitro research. 
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    Other Biofluids

    Other biologics available include saliva, swabs, urine, fecal, CSF, synovial fluid, and more. 

Samples delivered to your lab at the right time

Our biospecimens are collected from healthy donors across our global site network, including our FDA-Registered Blood Establishment donor center located in Mansfield, MA – allowing for same-day shipping to the Greater Boston area and next-day shipping within the US. With years of experience in collection protocols and IRB-consent requirements, Precision allows for quick study startups and delivery of quality, healthy biospecimens to your lab.

Disease state specimens are collected within our network of 150+ partner sites across the US, bringing you access to large patient populations and shipping speeds based on your geographic location to our sites. Our samples are only collected from partner sites we trust to deliver samples on-time and at the highest level of quality.

4500 Donors
7.5 Biofluids
150 Investigator Sites

Finding the right samples for your research

Precision’s blood-derived and biofluid specimens can be custom collected to meet your criteria or selected from our inventory of retrospectively collected samples.
  • Prospective Samples
  • Retrospective Samples
  • Customized sample collection from our network of donors to meet your exact requirements

    • Blood-derived samples available in all tube types and volumes
      • Single tube collections, units, or pooled liters
    • All swab types, saliva, urine, and other biological samples available
    • Access to unique donor populations from our database
      • Identify donors based on ethnicity, age, medical conditions, and more
    • Expanded sample and donor data
      • Demographics, blood type, smoking status, additional sample processing, and more


  • Ready-to-ship samples

    Samples accompanied by de-identified sample data, including demographics, blood type, smoking status

    • Small volume samples
      • Healthy/confirmed viral negative serum, plasma, or whole blood: 1 to 5 mL samples
      • Remnant or residual diagnostic samples such as respiratory swabs, CSF, and chemistry samples
    • Bulk samples
      • Plasma and serum units – 175 to 250 mL
      • Whole blood units – 450 to 500 mL
      • Plasma and serum liters – units are pooled to reach a volume of 1 L
Lab tech

Deeper characterization available for your blood-derived specimens and biofluids

  • Donor characterization:
    • Medical history and comorbidities
    • Treatment history, response, and outcomes
    • Diagnosis and staging
    • Longitudinal data
  • Biomarker characterization:
    • Serological
    • Molecular
    • Blood pathogen tesing
    • Multi-omic

Characterize your blood-derived specimens and biofluids using Precision's global lab network

  • kitting

    Clinical Sample Kitting & Logistics

    Kit production, clinical site training, and full sample shipment logistics
  • biospecimens


    Sample storage under all conditions and temperatures, rapid sample accessioning, and online inventory access

  • Flow Cytometry

    Standard and spectral flow cytometry, on both research-grade and CLIA-validated instruments