Single-cell sequencing reveals the full complexity of cellular diversity compared to bulk sequencing. It is primarily used to address challenges in the study of uncommon cell types, such as circulating tumor cells, cell-lineage associations, and heterogeneous samples. In-depth single-cell sequencing allows easy and efficient exploration of the cellular functions of individual cells. Use single-cell sequencing to explore the landscapes of malignant cells and immune cells, tumor heterogeneity, and the underlying mechanisms of tumor biological behaviors in your clinical trial.

Precision for Medicine provides an end-to-end package of single-cell sequencing solutions, making use of the latest technology on the market: the 10x Genomics Chromium system and Illumina NGS platform. We offer high-throughput and high-accuracy single-cell sequencing service, coupled with a fast turnaround time.

Customized solutions to meet your needs

Single-Cell Gene Expression

Profiling of cellular heterogeneity, novel targets, and biomarker in each cell from a heterogeneous cell population

Single-Cell Immune Profiling

Analyze full-length, paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, antigen specificity, and gene expression, all from a single cell

Multiomic Profiling –
Cell Surface Protein

Simultaneously measure cell surface protein expression and correlate gene expression measurements with immunophenotyping at a single-cell level to better delineate immune cell subsets and functional states

Novel Cell Type and
Cell State Discovery

Identify or interrogate:

  • Rare subpopulations
  • Circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
  • Tumor or immune microenvironment
  • Tumor heterogeneity and molecular subtype
  • Mechanisms associated with tumorigenesis, progression, metastasis, evolution, relapse, and therapy resistance
  • Cancer stem cells (CSCs)

Biomarker Discovery for
Specific Cell Subpopulations

Characterize cell populations without prior knowledge of cell subtypes or cell markers

Diverse Sample Compatibility

  • Whole blood
  • PBMCs
  • FFPE tissues
  • Frozen tissues
  • Fresh tissues

Single-Cell Sequencing Workflow

Single-Cell Sequencing Workflow
Single-Cell Sequencing Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Single-cell sequencing is a next-generation sequencing method involving single-cell isolation, transcriptome characterization, and sequencing library generation. Single-cell sequencing uncovers heterogeneity at a high resolution by revealing cellular gene expression, quantity, and diversity in a sample.

The main difference between single-cell sequencing and traditional methods of bulk sequencing is that single-cell sequencing allows for characterization of heterogeneous samples by profiling the whole transcriptome at a single-cell resolution. Single cell is often used in conjunction with traditional methods of phenotyping such as flow cytometry or multiplexed immunofluorescence to obtain a comprehensive understanding of samples.

Yes! We understand that no two research projects are exactly alike. We work with you to understand your particular research needs, and our team provides cost-effective recommendations to accomplish your goals. Contact our team today for more information about custom assay development and specialized bioinformatics support.

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Discover how our genomics services expertise can advance your clinical development program

Discover how our genomics services expertise can advance your clinical development program