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360° Intelligence From Samples to Biomarkers:​ QuartzBio® Platform

For therapeutic and diagnostic development programs, a connected data ecosystem, powered by Precision Medicine LLMs, can spark insight and drive decision-making.

Data produced during preclinical and clinical development tend to be messy, disorganized, and decentralized, which makes interpretation and utilization of these data highly challenging. 

Built on the first AI-enabled Biomarker Intelligence platform, powered by the first Precision Medicine Large Language Model (LLM) Ecosystem, QuartzBio® Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products transform the way drug development teams interact with and extract insights from biospecimen and biomarker data.

Harness insights from your sample and biomarker data

Scalable QuartzBio® Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products put the power of virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) and enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM) at your fingertips by creating a connected data ecosystem across the precision medicine lifecycle, using the first ensemble of Precision Medicine large language models (LLMs).

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    virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM)

    Get a 360° view across your clinical sample ecosystem, from collection through long-term storage, across multiple sites, labs, and repositories.

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    enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM)

    Get a 360° view of all your cleaned, annotated biomarker data, including exploratory data, preclinical data, and public repositories—connected to sample and clinical data.

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    AI Virtual Assistant

    Conversationally explore your precision medicine data ecosystem with QuartzBio's AI-enabled Virtual Assistant for vSIM and eBDM SaaS products.  Interrogate your data using natural language to gain insights at the speed of decision-making.

Unlocking the value of complex sample and biomarker data: Clinical Omics

Gaining insights from high-quality data is as easy as asking a question

QuartzBio’s AI-enabled Biomarker Intelligence platform shortens the time from data to insights. To build a high-quality data asset, QuartzBio’s Data Management tools automatically ingest data, map to a standardized data model, and check data to surface anomalies.

On top of your data asset and our sample and biomarker intelligence tools for data exploration and reporting, our conversational AI Virtual Assistant streamlines all user tasks to speed up decision-making.

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