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PFM - PBMC & Sample Processing PFM - PBMC & Sample Processing

PBMC and Clinical Sample Processing Services

Consistent clinical sample processing is critical for biomarker-driven studies, as complex assays are highly dependent on sample quality
Precision’s PBMC, blood, and tissue processing services safeguard the integrity of your biomarker assay data through the use of robust, standardized sample and PBMC processing procedures. These procedures are strictly followed at every study site and Precision lab around the world. In addition, we ensure rapid turnaround times and can complete PBMC processing to accommodate tight project timelines.

Precision’s clinical sample processing capabilities

  • PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cell) isolations, cryopreservation, characterization, and same-day or next-day processing worldwide
  • Blood fractionation for isolation of serum, plasma, and multiple cell types
  • DNA/RNA extraction and quantity, quality, and purity assessment of cell subsets
  • Tissue processing
  • Cell-line immortalization and expansion with >97% expansion rate
  • Custom PBMC processing and characterization studies

Processing and logistics, delivered globally

  • Sample processing in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania
  • Standardized SOPs for PBMC lab services, customizable on demand
  • Custom kit development and collection
  • 100,000 ft2 primary biorepository and 6 additional facilities with storage under controlled conditions and all temperatures
  • Inbound/outbound sample management
  • >35M biospecimens managed
  • Same-day PBMC isolations
PBMC processing



Consistent protocols ensure quality samples

Precision’s network of global sample processing labs and integrated shipment and logistics solutions ensure rapid shipment, processing, and sample arrival. For PBMCs, Precision then uses optimized PBMC processing protocols to ensure high viability and recovery.

90.6 PBMC viability
1.67 Recovery—PBMCs/mL blood processed

Precision has facilities across 5 continents for rapid processing wherever samples are collected

Clinical Reach
Countries with active sample logistics
Cell, DNA, and RNA isolations
Sample processing locations

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