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Custom Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

High-density TMA samples from neoplastic, diseased, and normal tissues to meet your research objectives
Enabling cost-effective biomarker screening of fresh, frozen, or FFPE cohort specimens – TMAs are produced on demand with each core individually selected by our on-site, board-certified pathologists. Whether identifying which specimens to meet your research criteria, conducting large-scale biomarker studies, or building an effective dataset, Precision for Medicine has the expertise to support you.

TMAs designed to meet your research needs

Optimize your research outcomes with high-quality, pathologist-selected tissues and a full-service histopathology lab to get the most out of your samples.
  • On-site Pathologists
  • Tissue Repository
  • Laboratory Services
  • Collaborate with Precision's on-site pathologists to build your TMA

    Our board-certified pathologists have years of experience in tissue selection and TMA curation and can help inform the right layout, indication, and tissue type for your study.

    Example Layouts:

    (Represents maximum number of cores)

    • 0.6MM - 405 cores
    • 1 MM - 190 cores
    • 1.5 MM - 98 cores
    • 2MM - 66 cores
    • 3MM - 36 cores
    • 4MM - 15 cores
    Pathologist at microscope
  • Access to over 10M tissues in inventory

    Precision brings you access to a full breadth of indications across disease-state tissue and healthy controls ready for TMA construction.

    Our pathologists will hand identify and select cases for TMAs based upon your inclusion and exclusion criteria.

  • In-house laboratory services for further characterization

    With a tissue repository and full-service histopathology laboratory on-site, TMA creation is just the beginning. Precision can also provide TMA slide sectioning, H&E staining, IHC staining, custom client biomarker staining, and other custom pathology services.

    • TMA slide sectioning
    • H&E staining
    • IHC staining
    • Custom client biomarker staining
    • Other custom pathology services
    IHC image

Bringing you the highest-quality tissue for your TMAs

  • Neoplastic, diseased, and normal tissue available
  • All tissue collected from US based hospital networks and international partners
  • Manufactured in our ISO-, CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited facility
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Additional characterization of tissue samples

  • Pathologist qualification, scoring, and location of IHC staining
  • Enriched pathology data: Diagnosis, histological subtype, grade, TNM and stage

Learn more about our custom Tissue Microarrays

Customize your layout and tissue selection while working alongside our on-site, research driven pathologists. 


Pathology Services

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Pathology Services

Digital Pathology for TMAs

Precision for Medicine offers digital pathology solutions to enable simpler image transfer and retrieval of digital tissue images for real-time collaboration between our board-certified pathologists and client researchers. These platforms also allow for flexibility in sample review and collaboration, while accelerating your sample procurement timelines.

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Further characterize your tissue microarrays with Precision's global specialty lab services

  • tissue-slide


    End-to-end IHC solutions including kitting, sample logistics, staining via all major platforms, and in-house pathology services
  • Pathology Services

    In-house pathology team to provide expert assessments with rapid turn-around times, and sample processing services including FFPE and microdissection