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Precision Site Network: Catalyzing Clinical Advancements

Accelerating research, empowering innovators
The Precision Site Network (PSN) is a catalyst in clinical research, uniting leading investigators with innovative pharmaceutical and biotech partners. Currently spanning over 90 sites in 10+ countries, PSN exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing clinical research. Our platform synergizes global expertise, fostering collaborations that accelerate the execution of clinical research to aid the realization of new innovative therapies and expedite patient access to critical care.

Empowering clinical programs with Centers of Excellence

Precision is diligently working to reshape and enhance how clinical trials reach patients by establishing strategic alliances that break down traditional barriers. Whether it's through therapeutic centers of excellence, academic institutions, general hospitals, community-based centers, site networks, or independent research sites, our Precision Site Network is committed to delivering value at every stage of study planning and execution.


  • PSN Benefits for Sponsors
  • PSN Benefits for Investigators
  • PSN Benefits for Sponsors

    Partnering with Precision for Medicine and our Precision Site Network (PSN) opens the door to unparalleled efficiencies and strategic advantages for sponsors. Our network is designed to streamline every aspect of the clinical trial process, from site selection to patient recruitment. With PSN, you tap into a world of resources tailored to enhance the success of your trials. Here's how we deliver value to our partners:

    • Streamlined Site Selection
    Access a curated network of pre-vetted sites, expediting the selection process and ensuring a match with sites experienced in specific indications.

    • Accelerated First-Patient-In
    Benefit from efficient study start-up procedures and reduced timelines. PSN Sites are 26% faster to IRB/EC approval & 12% faster to achieve First-Patient-In versus non-PSN sites. 

    • Broad Patient Pools
    Harness our expansive network to access diverse patient populations and achieve your recruitment goals efficiently.
  • PSN Benefits for Investigators

    PSN offers unique benefits that propel investigative sites into the forefront of clinical innovation, ensuring your participation in trials that matter most. Here’s how being part of PSN enhances your research journey:

    • Access to Cutting-Edge Trials
    Precision finds itself often at the edge of innovation with the Sponsors we support. Member Sites of PSN often participate in leading-edge clinical research in Oncology, Rare Diseases, Immuno-oncology, and Cell and Gene therapies.

    • Enhanced Visibility & Aligned Opportunities
    By joining PSN, a site not only becomes more visible to leading pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors but also enjoys access to trials that align with your site’s expertise and patient demographics. This dual advantage ensures that the opportunities coming to each site are not only relevant to a site’s research goals but also cater to the specific needs of their patient population, enriching both study outcomes and patient care.

    • Faster Study Initiation
    Member sites benefit from PSN's streamlined approach with General/Master Confidentiality Agreements and pre-set templates, expediting the transition from study discussions to start-up and keeping the site’s focus on advancing research and patient care.
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Collaborate with top-tier oncology research institutions in our network

North American PSN Sites With world-class centers in the United States and Canada
European PSN Sites With centers of excellence in France, UK, Spain, Germany and more
APAC PSN Sites With 4 Australian centers of excellence and growing

Connect with centers of excellence

The Precision Site Network advances clinical development through beneficial partnerships, pairing quality clinical trial sites with suitable trials. Explore the impact this specialized oncology site network can have on your clinical program. 


Precision Site Network

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Precision Site Network

As a sponsor working with Precision, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with premier research institutions known for their groundbreaking work in oncology.  

These are just a few of our current members.

  • City of Hope
  • Mary Crowley Cancer Research
  • NEXT Oncology
  • The START Center
  • University of New Mexico
  • Emory University
  • University of Louisville
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Institut du Cancer de Montpellier
  • Christie NHS
  • The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Leeds (St. James) Cancer Centre
  • START – Madrid, Spain – 2 sites
  • Vall D’Hebron
  • Erasmus MC