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Elevate Statistical Programming with Precision

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At Precision for Medicine, our team of highly skilled statistical programmers consistently delivers high-quality outcomes, resulting in timely and successful regulatory submissions. From complex clinical programs to an urgent need to scale internal programming expertise, we deliver solutions to transform your clinical data into meaningful insights  

Precision in statistical programming 

At Precision statistical programming, we bring a diversity of experience across therapies, indications, and regulatory submissions. Averaging 10 years of experience, this team collaborates with you at every step to comprehend trial and patient outcomes, ultimately resulting in submission-ready analysis.

Span of services at Precision statistical programming include:


SAS and R programming expertise


Analysis of safety and efficacy data for regulatory submissions


Generation of SDTM, ADaM and TLFs


CDISC-compliant submission package


Safety monitoring, interim analysis and reporting 


Exploratory and meta-analysis


Pooled analysis for ISS & ISE


Data Monitoring Committee services


Demonstrated record of success

Expert programmers
Years of average experience
Regulatory submissions in last 5 years
Data submission acceptance by regulatory authorities
Studies rescued for clients in last 5 years

Data standards and compliance in statistical programming

Increasingly, regulatory authorities mandate alignment with CDISC standards for submissions, which greatly expedites the review process. As active contributors to CDISC 360 initiatives, Precision programming teams stay ahead of compliance requirements, making clinical data transformation and submission seamless. 

Data standards_Strategy

Robust data standards strategy

Enterprise-wide data standards strategies that bring together the best of enterprise and CDISC standards, enabling automation and efficiencies in the longer term.

Data standards_Legacy studies

Efficient conversion programming of legacy studies

With a track record of converting 60+ legacy studies, the Precision statistical programming team brings a unique combination of automation and expertise to help expedite regulatory submissions. 

Data oversight_Compliance

Evolving with compliance needs

Benefit from proactive incorporation of changes to CDISC guidelines, that assists our sponsors adhere to pressing regulatory timelines and prevent costly delays.

Custom engagement models by Precision

  • Full-Service Statistical Programming

    Bringing in robust statistical expertise to complete studies supported by Precision for enhanced efficiency and patient outcomes.

  • FSP Statistical Programming

    Agile and scalable programming teams to augment your internal capabilities and expertise.

Data visualization

Precision technologies powering innovation

Discover how our proprietary technologies, like Clarity and MetaVate, are revolutionizing data transformation and generating real-time insights.


A unique, automated, data transformation engine built to support any source to any target relational data, MetaVate delivers unmatched efficiencies in statistical programming. Driven by metadata and built on machine learning algorithms, MetaVate can reproduce and automate across studies, delivering expedited standardization and insight generation.

Read our latest Precision insights

Stay updated with the latest insights in statistical programming and automation through our blog. 

Specialized capabilities in every stage of clinical development

Leverage an integrated infrastructure that reduces the inefficiencies inherent in complex development. Integrate lab and trial execution to increase speed to market. Incorporate manufacturing expertise for advances therapies to ensure scalability. Precision can customize and converge our capabilities for your program's unique needs.

  • clinical-trial-support

    Global CRO

    Award-winning CRO with deep oncology and rare disease expertise

  • specialty-lab-services

    Global Laboratory

    Exceptional translational and biomarker sciences with global central lab services

  • Manufacturing


    Pioneers in planning, building and maintaining manufacturing at scale for pharma and biotechs.