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Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)

Simplify critical biomarker studies with cryopreserved dissociated tumor cells.
Precision for Medicine provides dissociated tumor cells from a wide range of cancers, including custom collections. Cryopreserved DTCs offer a viable, logistics-friendly alternative to fresh tissue. DTCs retain the characteristics of the original tumor, including tumor heterogeneity and cellular complexity, making them a quality surrogate to fresh tumor tissue.

Ready-to-ship samples and custom isolations

Precision provides ready-to-ship DTCs from our repository for select oncology indications as well as custom prospective collections to source the exact samples you need. With a network of global partner sites and a specialty labs infrastructure, Precision brings you quality samples with deep analysis and characterization for your downstream applications. These are the most commonly requested indications represented within our inventory:




Lung (NSCLC)



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What are Dissociated Tumor Cells?

Dissociated tumor cells serve as a viable alternative to fresh tissue as they retain the characteristics of the original tumor, including tumor heterogeneity and cellular complexity.

DTCs are single cell suspensions dissociated from solid tumor via mechanical, enzymatic, or chemical dissociation techniques – the preferred method depends on tumor type, cell characteristics, and research priorities.
Precision for Medicine has experience in—and established and validated protocols for—dissociating cells from different tissue and tumor types.

Acquired tumor tissue material is carefully processed in our labs with high efficiency to reduce hypoxia time using “best-in-class” industry standard automated technology and validated protocols designed to manufacture fit-for-purpose high-quality DTCs.

Furthermore, our labs are capable of handling custom DTC manufacturing requests to enhance cellular viability as well as perform detailed biomarker characterizations using techniques such as flow cytometry.


Highly-annotated dissociated cells from tumor tissue samples

  • Pathologist confirmed tissue sourced within our investigator network
  • Custom cell culture isolations for specific tumor cells
  • Matched plasma, serum and PBMCs available
  • Consented and IRB approved for research
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Deeply characterized samples accompanied by

  • Demographics
  • Medical history
  • Custom characterization available, including molecular profiling data, from our immunology lab 

Discover Precision's viable cell products 

Alongside our DTCs, Precision offers various cellular products from leukopaks to purified cell subsets – collected at our in-house apheresis center.


Viable Cell Products

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Viable Cell Products

Explore Precision's global lab services to further analyze and characterize your dissociated tumor cells

  • Flow Cytometry

    Standard and spectral flow cytometry, on both research-grade and CLIA-validated instruments

    Services using the gold standard for quantitative antibody-based bioanalysis, with specialization in immunogenicity assay development
  • NGS

    Services including RNA-seq, whole exome sequencing, and targeted DNA/RNA sequencing utilizing both Illumina and Thermo-Fisher NGS platforms