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Spectral Flow Cytometry

Reliably characterize up to 64 features in cells of interest to assess a therapeutic response

Characterize immune responses and explore immune correlates in your immunotherapy clinical trials. Utilize spectral flow cytometry to simultaneously interrogate multiple targets on cell subsets of interest from your limited clinical samples. Leverage our expertise in method transfer and assay development, paired with clinical validation, to empower and accelerate your global, multi-site program.

Measure a range of endpoints with spectral flow cytometry

Simultaneously analyze multiple proteins, gene expression, and cell functions with up to 64 parameters for a range of clinical endpoints. Precision offers flow cytometry assays to span many research applications.


Define what you’re studying:

  • Rare cell detection and quantification based on phenotype, apoptosis, or phosphorylation status
  • Immunophenotyping and absolute counting of cell subsets 
  • Modulation of activation and exhaustion markers
  • Apoptosis and cell cycle analysis via histone methylation
  • Cytokine production
  • For CAR NK-cell/T-cell therapy:
    • Expression of lineage-specific markers and characterization
    • CAR T/NK persistence and immunogenicity

Choose the appropriate flow cytometry assay:

  • Intracellular cytokine (ICC) flow
  • Receptor occupancy (RO) assays and ligand measurement
  • Phospho-flow for phosphorylation state
  • Immune functional assays: antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), T-cell activation
  • Antigen-specific flow cytometry: detection and characterization of peptides, dextramers, tetramers
  • Cytometric bead assays for cytokine measurement
  • Histone methylation measurement
  • Spectral flow cytometry
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What is spectral flow cytometry?

Spectral flow cytometry captures the full emission spectrum of fluorescent molecules using arrays of highly sensitive light detectors, which enables characterization of more parameters in a single sample, compared to conventional. This permits differentiation of a vast combination of fluorophores, increasing flexibility in application design and enabling the development of complex multicolor panels for comprehensive immunophenotypic analysis.

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Leverage the industry-leading spectral flow cytometry instrument: Cytek® Aurora

With Cytek’s full-spectrum technology, gather high-resolution data at the single-cell level to resolve challenging cell populations, such as cells with high autofluorescence or low levels of expression of key biomarkers, regardless of assay complexity. At present, our Cytek instrument’s capabilities are
  • 64 parameters
  • 5 lasers (355, 405, 488, 561, 640 nm)

Uncover new insights on flow cytometry

Explore best-practice methods and find useful considerations and tips for experimental design, sample prep, and data analysis.

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    Validation of a Gliadin α-I/α-II DQ2 Tetramer Flow Cytometric Assay a Biomarker to Asess Gluten Specific T Cells in Celiac Disease

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    Validation of a Gliadin α-I/α-II DQ2 Tetramer Flow Cytometric Assay a Biomarker to Asess Gluten Specific T Cells in Celiac Disease

Values of Precision flow cytometry

Reproducible and valid flow cytometry data stem from experienced scientists and standardized protocols across multi-site programs. Leverage our deep network of expertise for your trials.
  • Established Experience

    Established experience

    Established experience running complex flow cytometry in gene therapy, cell therapy, and immuno-oncology therapies, validating up to CLIA
  • SeniorStaf

    Senior staff

    Sample testing by senior staff with >5 years of experience who understand the disease biology and gating strategy
  • QualityControl

    Quality control

    Real-time quality control during the run to ensure sample integrity

Enhance your clinical results with complementary lab services

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  • Cytokine Profiling & Proteomics

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  • Large Molecule PK

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