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Let us transform your discoveries into life-changing treatments

Enriching the latest science, technology and data to conquer the complexity of developing novel therapies Contact us
We’ve all known patients facing critical illnesses. Your work may one day provide hope to those patients. Bringing that day forward is why Precision for Medicine exists. We are the first global, precision medicine clinical research organization. We incorporate laboratory expertise, clinical trial excellence, manufacturing experience and data intelligence to deliver critical insights into patient biology.

We advance clinical development through the integrated power of global CRO services, manufacturing and labs

3500 employees
25 years conducting clinical trials
60 manufacturing facility builds and capital expansions
7 speciality Labs in NA and Europe

Precision for medicine is a name and a movement

Some find our name unusual, but when the company began in 2012 we were convinced that precision medicine and the novel approaches required to develop these complex therapeutics represented a leap forward in medicine. Our name reminds us that when we bring precision for medicine, we can bring new treatment for patients in need. We are built to provide the specialized expertise and capabilities that can help realize the life-changing potential of your latest medical discoveries.

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    Global CRO Services

    Work with an award-winning CRO that is a leader in oncology and rare disease research, built for responsive operations, speed and delivering trials at scale. Over 70% of our trials are in oncology and over 50% in early phase development. Your project’s success is our top priority and our operational experts will work proactively to identify efficiencies, compress timelines and adapt to changes throughout the lifecycle of development

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    Lab Services and Biospecimens

    Our connected lab services enhance your research from lab to post-market testing under one umbrella. This approach takes biospecimens through the spectrum of laboratory services, from pre-clinical target and biomarker validation to advanced genomic studies and more. To simplify complex clinical trial management, utilize our robust central lab services which include kit development, logistics and sample management. And should your research require biospecimens, we have over 11 million tissue, cellular and biofluid specimens available.

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    Manufacturing Solutions

    We have been trusted in optimizing the manufacturing of 100+ life-changing therapies across biologics, rare diseases as well as cell and gene therapies. We partner with leading innovators to produce biomanufacturing strategy and execution that brings cutting-edge treatments to patients in need. We’ve done over 60 facility builds and expansions in the last four years and are ready for yours.

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    Data Intelligence

    Our data intelligence products and solutions power decision-making across the entire precision medicine development lifecycle, from smart sample management through biomarker data analysis and biostatistics. We overcome the challenges of siloed technologies by providing a unified, AI-enabled data ecosystem. Talk to our conversational AI Virtual Assistant, and you’ll find that extracting data insights from information is as easy as asking a question.    

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Turning hope into health around the world

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We are a community of people passionate about the potential of new treatments to change lives. We are from all over the world, working in labs, high-tech spaces and home offices to help turn molecules into medicines. Be a part of the movement that is changing medicine!

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