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Precision medicine and biomarker-driven clinical trials pose a set of challenges unique from classical clinical trials, and require unique central lab services solutions.
The complexity inherent in kit development, logistics, sample management, and data requires an approach to central lab services that is systematic, robust, and can simplify clinical trial management: a translational central lab services solution. Precision for Medicine offers central lab services in support of global trials including kitting, logistics, sample processing, biostorage, and related biospecimen data services. In addition, Precision offers a comprehensive suite of specialty lab services including flow cytometry, genomics and NGS, bioanalysis, and tissue and liquid biopsy analysis.​
  • Clinical Sample Kitting & Logistics

    Kit production, clinical site training, and full sample shipment logistics

  • PBMC & Sample Processing

    Sample processing with expertise in PBMC isolations from labs across 5 continents

  • Biostorage

    Sample storage under all conditions and temperatures, rapid sample accessioning, and online inventory access
  • Biospecimens Data Services

    Purpose-built data systems for specimen management, lab database design, and data reconciliation to ensure data integrity

  • Precision Lab e-Portal

    Real-time visibility into project, sample, kit, and shipment status provides 24/7 access to critical study data
  • AdobeStock_320736962

    Virtual Sample Inventory Management

    Enhance and expand insight with QuartzBio vSIM and track all sample data and metadata from every screening lab, specialty lab, and biorepository across studies or across your portfolio.

Central Lab Services designed for biomarker-driven clinical trials

Precision’s harmonized approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of complex biomarker trials—where excellence in customized kit development, logistics, data management, and technology are necessary.

central lab services diagram

Advanced program management drives rapid project startup and study success

A clear program management structure is critical in order to consistently execute on all aspects of a central lab services project. Precision’s approach integrates all aspects of a central lab service project with a single point of contact and provides:

  • Dedicated study startup structure
  • Document creation
  • QA-approved lab manual creation
  • Site training documentation
  • Designated project manager as the point of contact

Well-structured and coordinated processes for project initiation promote a successful startup with rapid study startup timelines.


Project initiation workflow

study startup diagram

Expansive global reach ensures timely and consistent sample processing and analysis

Clinical Reach

Translational Central Lab Services: Solving the complex challenges of biomarker-driven clinical trials


Translational Central Lab Services

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Translational Central Lab Services