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Execute Clinical Trial Feasibility with Precision

Optimize your study's initiation through precise country and site selection, powered by actionable insights. Proceed with Precision
At Precision, our feasibility process is more than just a preliminary step; it's a critical foundation for the success of your clinical trial. By focusing on strategic site selection and in-depth insights gathering, we ensure your study starts with a significant advantage. 

Plan for success with Site Feasibility

Site feasibility is the cornerstone of clinical trial planning, acting as the bridge between groundbreaking research and its successful execution. Understanding the pivotal role of site feasibility ensures a solid foundation for any clinical study. It's not merely about identifying potential sites but about strategic alignment with the trial's objectives, patient populations, and operational capacities. This proactive approach to site selection, grounded in data-driven insights and comprehensive evaluations, mitigates risks and sets the stage for successful patient enrollment and study outcomes.

Roughly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet original enrollment timelines, and about one-third of Phase III study terminations are due to enrollment difficulties. Additionally, 15% to 20% of sites never enroll a single patient.

Given these statistics, it's evident that conducting a comprehensive feasibility study is essential for avoiding common pitfalls like poor enrollment and sites that never enroll.  Precision's feasibility team employs multiple methods to ensure a sponsor's needs are met, tailoring our approach to each unique trial. This adaptability, combined with a deep understanding of the intricacies of clinical trials, allows Precision to navigate complex requirements and ensure trials are set up for success from the start.

Precision's Clinical Trial Feasibility process overview

Step 1

Initial Planning
  • Understand study objectives
  • Identify target countries/sites
  • Develop feasibility questionnaire
  • Augment site list with Precision/external data
  • Site list finalized for feasibility start

Step 2

Data Collection & Analysis
  • Distribute questionnaires
  • Pursue sites for response
  • Collect sites responses
  • Evaluate sites performance
  • Prepare feasibility report
  • Review report with client
  • Filter out low-potential sites

Step 3

Recruitment Modeling
  • Develop enrollment scenarios
  • Estimate recruitment timelines
  • Project patient numbers
  • Adjust site requirements
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Present models to clients

Step 4

Site Selection & Verification
  • Confirm top-performing sites
  • Schedule pre-study visits
  • Verify site infrastructure
  • Assess staff expertise
  • Determine recruitment potential
  • Finalize site list for activation
  • Finalize back-up site list

Step 5

Performance Monitoring
  • Regular progress check-ins
  • Address emerging issues
  • Adjust recruitment plans
  • Activate backup sites
  • Ensure timeline adherence
  • Provide ongoing support

Precision’s strategic approach to clinical trial feasibility

Our approach to site feasibility is both comprehensive and meticulous. By integrating broad data analysis with site-specific insights, we ensure each trial starts on the best possible footing. Our process begins with understanding study objectives and identifying optimal countries and sites, followed by developing and distributing targeted feasibility questionnaires. We then analyze site responses and performance, preparing detailed feasibility reports for client review. Through recruitment modeling, we project patient numbers and timelines, allowing for adjustments and contingency planning. Site selection is confirmed through pre-study visits and infrastructure verification, with backup sites identified for risk mitigation. Continuous performance monitoring ensures adherence to timelines and proactive issue resolution, backed by ongoing support. This strategic and detailed approach enables our sponsors to navigate trial complexities with confidence, ensuring successful study execution.

Our site feasibility services can be executed as standalone projects, during pre-study phases, or integrated into full study start-up processes. This flexibility allows us to adapt to each sponsor's unique requirements, providing tailored support that aligns with their specific clinical trial needs.

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