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hero-Clinical-Sample-Logistics-and-Biostorage hero-Clinical-Sample-Logistics-and-Biostorage

Clinical Sample Logistics and Biostorage

The quality of assays can be impacted by inconsistent sample handling – Precision has designed solutions to deliver consistency
Precision uses optimized specimen transport and sample storage processes. Wherever your study is and however long it runs, we safeguard the quality and integrity of your samples to maximize the insight your study delivers.

Precision’s global logistics footprint and comprehensive solutions for biospecimen storage and data provide assurance of sample integrity

Global Processing, Shipment, and Logistics

Our processes follow the sample from collection to analysis.
  • Rapid Global PBMC processing
  • Development of customized kitting as needed
  • Export/import permits
  • Late/evening shifts to receive deliveries and resolve shipment issues
  • Knowledge in planning best path for shipment
  • Experience with all major couriers eg, QuickStat, World Courier, FedEx, Marken

Biospecimen Management

Precision provides sample management and sample accessioning for all sample types. Our biorepositories can store fluid and solid specimens at controlled ambient temperatures, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and in liquid nitrogen. Safety features include:
  • Redundant backup systems, dedicated backup units
  • Around-the-clock automated temperature monitoring
  • In-house HVAC technicians, specializing in cascade refrigeration
  • Sample accessioning for all sample types: 5-day TAT for full client visibility

Precision Lab e-Portal

With Precision’s Lab e-Portal, sponsors have immediate access to study data, sample inventory data and status, and clinical sample collection kit inventories.

  • Centralized data reporting and analytics available anytime
  • Continuously updated data
  • Sample inventory reports
  • Kit inventory reports
  • Kit expiration data reports



Biological Storage

Worldwide biospecimen management

Precision’s primary biostorage facility and network of sample processing labs and biorepositories, connected via integrated biospecimen data and management services, safeguard samples around the world.

35 Samples managed
55 With real-time sample processing

Explore Precision’s additional central lab services

Precision’s team provides a suite of services to collect, process, store, and analyze clinical samples collected worldwide.

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    Clinical Sample Kitting & Logistics

    Kit production, clinical site training, and full sample shipment logistics
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    PBMC & Sample Processing

    Sample processing with expertise in PBMC isolations from labs across 5 continents

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    Biospecimens Data Services

    Purpose-built data systems for specimen management, lab database design, and data reconciliation to ensure data integrity

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