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Decentralized Clinical Trials

As the global pandemic has made site visits increasingly difficult, decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) have provided a solution. Contact us
Count on Precision expertise honed over decades running virtual and hybrid studies. We harness a range of options—tailored to the needs of each trial and patient—including electronic data collection, telemedicine, and home health nurses. Whether enrolling patients, launching studies, or collecting safety and efficacy data, we deploy critical skills that streamline processes and reduce the patient burden. That’s good for every trial.

A range of DCT services and capabilities customized to your trial needs

30+ specialist vendors partnering with Precision around the world
to ensure the success of your decentralized trial
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DCT experts since 2014

We’ve conducted trials for over 80 diseases, all over the world. This experience has led to a full portfolio of well-honed systems, processes, and relationships to support decentralized clinical trials. Lessening the burden on the patient has always been a mantra for Precision. We can meet the new demands the pandemic has placed on trials.

Patient-centric trials start at home

  • Digital technologies collect safety and efficacy data wherever the patient is
  • Umbrella trials
  • Patients for a single study can span the globe
    Fewer clinic visits reduce patient/caregiver burden

Deep experience with debilitating disease and unique modalities

Like you, we understand that there’s a patient throughout the development pathway. Supporting our partners to bring innovative treatments to patients is our purpose. Leverage our experience in these therapeutic areas.