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Fresh and Frozen Tissue

Experienced global network of principal investigators, labs, and logistics experts available to source tissues for your research program
The right tissue is essential to understanding the pathogenesis of both oncologic and medical disease states. Our fully integrated network of surgeons and pathology labs prepares tissues ideally suited for your research. Precision offers custom collections of fresh, frozen, and fixed tissues from diseased and healthy subjects, with matched tissues and biofluids also available.

Major Tissue Indications

All our fresh or frozen tissues are prospectively collected to meet your exact needs from our network of partner hospitals and shipped right to your lab - let us find the tissue and matched samples you need to accelerate your research.

  • Breast
  • Lymphoma
  • Colorectal
  • Kidney
  • Brain
  • Lung - NSCLC
  • Bladder
  • Head and Neck SCC
  • Prostate
  • Thyroid

Customize your tissue collections

All tissues are consented and IRB approved for research, collected from US based hospital networks and international partners.
  • Healthy or diseased tissue
  • Core biopsy, tumor, adjacent margins, and liquid biopsy available
  • Matched blood, tissue, and other biospecimens available
  • IHC, NGS, and other platforms available for custom characterization
IHC image

Deeply characterized samples

  • Board certified pathologist scoring, review, and annotation available
  • Demographics, medical history, disease characterization & outcome data
  • Patient re-access available

Additional characterization from our labs include:

  • Special stains for IHC
  • High density tissue microarrays (TMA)
  • Tumor and tissue assessment in conjunction with quantitative multiplex immunofluorescence
  • Microdissection of samples for RNAseq or NanoString analysis
  • Analysis of samples in support of companion diagnostic development

Further characterize your tissue samples with Precision's global lab network

  • tissue-slide


    End-to-end IHC solutions including kitting, sample logistics, staining via all major platforms, and in-house pathology services
  • Pathology Services

    In-house pathology team to provide expert assessments with rapid turn-around times, and sample processing services including FFPE and microdissection
  • Genomics Services

    With NGS, NanoString, qPCR and ddPCR capabilities, we can add insights from genomic and transcriptomic technologies to your understanding of patient biology.