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Liquid Biopsy Analysis

Detect and monitor circulating biomarkers efficiently for clinical insights with liquid biopsy
Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive method that reduces the need for tissue samples. Clinical applications of CTC and ctDNA testing in patients treated with immunotherapies have shown both predictive and prognostic value through the detection of genomic biomarkers as well as allowing for real-time monitoring of circulating tumor burden and the assessment of early on-therapy responses.
Precision specializes in developing approaches and technologies to maximize the biomarker information available from limited liquid biopsy samples.

Gain molecular insights from your liquid biopsy products

Leverage a suite of platform technologies into optimized workflows for detailed analysis of CTCs and cell-free nucleic acids which result in high specificity, superior recovery rates, and enhanced purity, so you can focus on your clinical end points. 
  • circulating-tumor-cells

    Circulating Tumor Cells

    Analyze CTCs to gain information about the underlying status of the cancer:

    • Multiple DNA abnormalities
    • CTC numbers
    • RNA expression and fusion transcripts
    • Protein expression
    • In vitro/in vivo culture
  • auto-dna-purification

    Circulating Tumor DNA

    Elevated in certain disease process such as cancers, ctDNA genomic sequences can provide insight on cancer type by revealing:

    • Amplification and deletions
    • Translocations
    • Point mutations
    • Chromosomal abnormalities
    • Number of mutant molecules
ApoStream Updated

Enrich CTCs to maximize your sample insights

Efficiently enrich circulating tumor cells (CTCs) with Precision's proprietary tech, ApoStream®, which leverages differences in the dielectric properties of any cell to isolate target cells and relevant populations, resulting in:

  • Higher specificity
  • Superior recovery rates and purity
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Our range of assay platforms enable the most appropriate approach

Choose the optimal platform to analyze your samples and measure your clinical endpoints. Our multiplatform approach can be especially beneficial in complex development programs, including immuno-oncology, autoimmune, and neurology therapeutic development.

  • NGS

    Services including RNA-seq, whole exome sequencing, and targeted DNA/RNA sequencing utilizing both Illumina and Thermo-Fisher NGS platforms
  • auto-dna-purification


    Advanced ddPCR applications from preclinical to clinical assays including gene therapy viral shedding and CAR T biodistribution

  • Single-Cell Sequencing

    End-to-end single-cell sequencing solutions utilizing the 10x Genomics Chromium system and Illumina NGS platform

  • Multiplex Immuno-fluorescence

    Automated multiplex immunofluorescence services that enable quantitative visualization of up to 9 markers in tissue and liquid biopsies

    Development of multiplex FISH/ISH assays to detect abnormalities in a range of tissues, including hematological and solid organ tumors

End-to-end workflows for liquid biopsy enable insights


Collect and Stabilize

Custom kitting with specialized collection tubes paired with shipping logistics expertise and real-time tracking


Prep Your Samples

Standard workflows with robust QC for nucleic acid or cell extraction.


For CTCs, Enrich

Enrich CTCs with dedicated, in-house instruments for greater abundance


Choose the Right Assay for Your Endpoint

Consult with Precision experts to select the appropriate assay for what you're studying


Analyze and Discover

Follow robust, streamlined protocols for each assay type and visualize your data

Precision can collect and perform liquid biopsy analysis on a range of sample types

  • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)

    Cancer cells from solid tumors migrate into and circulate through the blood and lymphatic system (also known as metastasis)

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    • Low abundance; present in approximately 1-100 cells per 5 mL of blood


    Clinical insight/benefit

    • After capture and concentration, analysis provides information about the underlying status of a disease
    • Measure DNA abnormalities, CTC count, RNA/protein expression, and in vitro/in vivo cultures
    • Much less invasive to perform liquid biopsy than a traditional surgical biopsy
    solid tumors
  • Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)

    Small pieces of DNA that are released into a person's blood by tumor cells as the cells die

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    • Often found in low concentrations, fragmented and with rare mutations

    Clinical insight/benefit

    • Carries real-time information that can be utilized to identify and track biomarkers of cancers
    • Detect and measure mutations like amplifications, deletions, translocations, chromosomal abnormalities, etc.
  • Circulating Cell-free RNA (ccfRNA)

    Short (20-22 nucleotides), extracellular noncoding RNAs in serum and plasma with potential oncogenic or tumor-suppressive functions

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    • Requires standardized techniques and robust data evaluation to leverage as a biomarker


    Clinical insight/benefit


    • Provides information on disease progression and treatment response

Precision also provides research-ready biospecimens

Our liquid biopsy samples come from an extensive network of clinical partner sites in our IRB-approved prospective collection network. Custom collection program and kit design readily available.

Optimized liquid biopsy solutions to serve a range of use cases

  • Across Logistics

    Across Logistics

    Ensure robust liquid biopsy results for any project by beginning with custom kit development and standardized biospecimen management to safeguard samples from draw to analysis


  • Across Technologies

    Across Technologies

    Utilize a comprehensive portfolio of tools including genomic technologies, automated platforms, and interpretation tools, to yield meaningful results from liquid biopsy samples
  • Across Sample Types

    Across Sample Types

    Study biomarkers in various biofluids, including blood and urine, with reliable workflows for stabilizing, extracting, and analyzing circulating cell-free nucleic acids and circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
  • Across Therapeutic Areas

    Across Therapeutic Areas

    Collaborate with us knowing our expertise spans clinical research on a wide range of therapeutic areas with unique, complex needs including, immuno-oncology, autoimmune, neurology, and rare disease


Safeguard your samples with custom kitting and expert shipping logistics

Avoid variation in quality and integrity with Precision’s central labs solutions, ensuring the right samples are collected, processed, and transported to exactly where they need to be.

Custom kit production:

  • Trial and visit specific kits
  • Validated kits for ApoStream
  • Multiple sample type kitting

Clinical site training:

  • Collection-specific QA plans
  • Global shipping and logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Online management, tracking and reporting
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Leverage sample preparation expertise to increase downstream data quality

Extracting analytes from liquid biopsy samples is difficult due to low analyte abundance, high background levels, and the risk of degradation. Precision's rigorous pre-analytical conditions to assess variability and integrity between samples ensures high-quality molecular tests.

Leverage over 30 years of experience and optimized workflows in sample preparation:

  • Standardized and custom SOPs 
  • Automated instrumentation
  • Propriety technologies for enrichment of CTCs
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Resources for liquid biopsy and immune monitoring

Explore Precision’s resources to discover best practices and other helpful information.

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