Precision can work with you to select the most appropriate genomics platforms to achieve your project’s goals, providing comprehensive genomic characterization of any tissue or cell type. This includes characterization of rare cells such as circulating tumor cells, immune cells or progenitor cells, as well as cell-free tumor DNA (ctDNA) or RNA.

Our genomic laboratory services range from assay development to validation at both preclinical and clinical stages, and can include utilization of pre-developed panels and assays or development of custom panels.

NanoString Assays

With panels that enable the simultaneous analysis of up to 800 genes, Nanostring profiling is ideal for projects where highly multiplexed analysis is needed, such as oncology and autoimmune therapeutic development.

Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR)

Droplet Digital PCR is especially well-suited for studies where absolute quantification at low concentrations is necessary. Example uses are to detect cell-free DNA in liquid biopsy, or to measure CAR-T biodistribution.


Quantitative real-time PCR is a well-established and cost-effective genomic analysis technology. We utilize the QuantStudio 12k Flex with OpenArray plates in our genomics labs for rapid, multiplexed screening of dozens of genes and samples in a single run.

Next Generation Sequencing

We offer NGS services including RNA-seq, whole exome sequencing, and targeted DNA/RNA sequencing services. NGS can be especially powerful when paired with our liquid biopsy technology, ApoStream.

Fluoresence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) / ISH

FISH and ISH are excellent tools for adding spatial context to the analysis of genomic events. We specialize in developing multiplex FISH/ISH assays to detect abnormalities in a range of tissues, including hematological and solid organ tumors.

Custom Assays

Applying the same blend of scientific understanding and engineering excellence that produced our proprietary technologies, our genomics laboratory scientists can design an effective and efficient assay to achieve your project’s goals.

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Genomics platforms and applications

Additional specialty lab services

Tissue & Liquid Biopsy

Obtain a detailed molecular view into patient biology with a range of tissue and liquid biopsy technologies, including our proprietary ApoStream platform which can isolate and enrich for circulating tumor cells for downstream analysis.

Bioanalytical Testing

Get bioanalytical support for your biologic, cell therapy, gene therapy, or companion diagnostics program from the globally-recognized leaders in immunogenicity testing.

Immune Monitoring

Leverage sophisticated multiplex flow cytometry approaches and other technologies, including our proprietary Epiontis ID platform, to characterize the immune cells in your samples and understand their impact on disease and patient biology.

Discover how our genomics services can advance your development project

Discover how our genomics services can advance your development project

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