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Flow cytometry analysis can provide incredibly rich data sets, shedding light on biological events at single-cell resolution. At Precision, we routinely run complex assays such as tetramer flow cytometry, utilize techniques such as FACS (cell sorting), and also can support sponsors with flow cytometry studies conducted on CLIA-certified instruments. One of the core focuses of our flow cytometry services is for immune monitoring in support of global clinical trials.

To ensure the integrity of flow cytometry test specimens generated by global clinical trials, we have a worldwide network for PBMC and sample processing, logistics, and biostorage, and multiple specialty labs facilities in the US and in Europe.

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Flow cytometry applications

We provide a full range of flow cytometry assays including:

  • Cell profiling and subsetting
    • Lymphocytes (TH, TC, TM, Treg and B cells)
    • Stem cells (LSC and HSC)
    • Reticulocytes
    • Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC)
    • Macrophage and monocyte subpopulations
  • Rare cell detection and quantification based on phenotype, apoptosis or phosphorylation status
  • Receptor occupancy (RO) measurement
  • Intracellular staining (ICS)
  • Tetramer flow cytometry for antigen-specific flow cytometry
  • Cytokine measurement using cytometric bead assays
  • CAR-T cell characterization for cell therapy development
  • Fluorescence Activated Cell sorting (FACS sorting and analysis)
  • ISO/GCP/GLP/CAP/CLIA regulated assays
  • CLIA assays (BD FACSCanto™ Instruments)
  • Spectral flow cytometry
Precision’s flow cytometry services
  • Evaluate investigational agents in preclinical and clinical studies on a multi-site and worldwide basis
  • Perform biomarker discovery by identifying patient populations most likely to respond to therapy and monitoring pharmacodynamic changes on target cells in response to treatment
  • Customized sample collection kits and logistical services ensure optimal sample integrity

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Global sample processing and specimen logistics to ensure sample quality

We use standardized processes that follow each sample from collection to analysis and a 100,000 sq. ft. (9,300 sq. m.) primary biorepository that can store fluid and solid biological specimens at controlled ambient temperatures, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and in liquid nitrogen.

  • Real-time inventory tracking QuartzBio® dashboard system
  • Global PBMC processing in 24 hours or less
  • Regular competency assessment and monitoring to ensure site-to-site and lab-to-lab data comparability
  • A biorepository with redundant back-up systems, dedicated back-up units and other safety and security features
Flow cytometry instruments

All of our flow cytometry studies are conducted on BD Biosciences systems:

  • BD FACSymphony™
    • 31 colors
    • Validated CLIA assays
  • BD LSRFortessa™
    • 20 parameters
    • 18 colors
  • BD FACSCanto™
    • 12 parameters
    • 10 colors
    • Supports CLIA assays
  • BD FACSCanto™
    • 10 parameters
    • 8 colors
    • Supports CLIA assays
  • BD FACSAria™ Fusion
    • 20 parameters
    • 16-18 colors
    • 4-way sorting
    • Tubes, 96-well plates, 384-well plates
  • Cytek Aurora
    • 25-color, 3-lasers

Explore some of what you can do:

Understand how biotherapeutics engage their targets

  • Simultaneous detection of RO and other surface markers using multiparametric flow cytometry
  • Reagent specificity and sensitivity determined by extensive characterization during assay development
  • Optimal matrix selection: eg, whole blood or fixed whole blood

Support clinical studies with whole blood and tissue flow analysis of clinical samples using custom or prevalidated panels

  • Sample tracking and accession with same-day/next-day flow sample processing
  • Global flow cytometry centers of excellence to support exploratory to GxP/CLIA sample processing
  • Rapid and accurate flow analysis by our flow experts
  • Assays are validated for intended use suitable for proof of concept, exploratory, secondary, or primary clinical trial endpoints.

Expedite clinical development with “off-the-shelf” panels

  • Validated fit-for-purpose flow assays using industry standards
  • Add additional markers to any panel to address key PD markers for your clinical study
  • Generate robust and reproducible data for clinical trials, and generate data for patient selection
  • Complex assays including antigen and cellular specific responses using tetramers, target specific peptides, and CAR-T/CAR-NK flow

Proven Results

Validation of a Whole Blood and Proteomic Stabilized Blood Assay to Monitor the Engagement and Modulation of CD6 on T cells by Itolizumab as a Clinical Pharmacodynamic Biomarker in Autoimmune Diseases

An Assay to Monitor the Engagement and Modulation of CD6 on T cells as a Clinical Biomarker of Treatment with Itolizumab

Evaluation of total PD-1 expression using multi-color flow cytometry in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients treated with Multi-Neoantigen Vector (ADXS-503) in combination of Pembrolizumab to assess T cell subsets

Development and technical validation of tetramer staining for use as a biomarker for assessing gluten-specific T cells in clinical studies

Validation of BTK & Aiolos Immunophenotyping Assay to Monitor B, NK & T cell Responses as a Clinical Biomarker in B-cell Malignancies

Global reach, multi-site support for flow cytometry tests and analysis

We provide flow cytometry services that support preclinical and clinical research, including multi-site studies, conducted anywhere in the world. Samples are processed within 24 to 30 hours of draw and utilize proven SOPs to ensure sample integrity.

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Working with Precision

Precision’s flow cytometry service scientists take a collaborative and consultative approach to projects and can provide recommendations on assay strategies and implementation, if needed. Services can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic development package including biomarker assays and clinical trials.

The Precision advantage: integrating biomarker and clinical trial data


To help researchers understand and interpret biomarker assay data in the context of other assays as well as the clinical trial data, Precision can deliver flow cytometry and other biomarker data using our proprietary QuartzBio® enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM) solution. QuartzBio features specific flow cytometry capabilities including interactive gating and visualization of high-dimensional data.

Additional specialty lab services

Tissue & Liquid Biopsy

Obtain a detailed molecular view into patient biology with a range of tissue and liquid biopsy technologies, including our proprietary ApoStream platform which can isolate and enrich for circulating tumor cells for downstream analysis.

Bioanalytical Testing

Get bioanalytical support for your biologic, cell therapy, gene therapy, or companion diagnostics program from the globally recognized leaders in immunogenicity testing.


Find and monitor gene expression signatures, copy number variations, chromosome rearrangements, and other genomic events occurring in patient samples using our NGS, NanoString, qPCR, ddPCR, and FISH/ISH services.

Discover how our flow cytometry expertise can advance your preclinical or clinical development program

Discover how our flow cytometry expertise can advance your preclinical or clinical development program

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