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Clinical Sample Kitting Services

A critical step in the success of any clinical study is the collection and management of clinical samples
Generating quality data from biomarker assays is strongly dependent on the quality of clinical samples collected, and this becomes even more important for studies with complex biomarker programs. Precision focuses on all aspects of clinical kitting to simplify the process of consistent specimen collection.

Custom kit development and biospecimen management to safeguard samples from draw to analysis



Kit Design and Custom Kitting Production

Customized kits are built from purpose-designed kitting facilities to ensure rapid construction and shipment, both for study startup and for routine resupply. Kits can be produced and shipped from both the United States and Europe to better accommodate global studies.



Clinical Site Training

Effective training of clinical sites is required for consistent sample collection — and is especially important when collection protocols are complex. Precision develops plans, methods, and training manuals so that samples are collected the same way across all sites.



Global Logistics and Transport Management

Planning and designing the optimal route and managing couriers when samples need same-day processing are challenging. Precision’s knowledge in logistics and shipment processes means collected samples quickly arrive at Precision or other facilities for processing, analysis, or storage.



Supply Chain Management

In order to ensure no missed sample collections, kits must be available at clinical sites. Precision tracks kit expiry dates and supply levels and works with your teams to ensure timely kit reorder and shipment.



Online Tracking via Lab e-Portal

A real-time window into project status is necessary for effective study management. Precision’s Lab e-Portal provides 24/7 access to sample and kit inventories, real-time shipment status, and kit reorder forms so that study needs can be immediately seen and addressed.

Precision’s process to ensure consistent collection and management of clinical samples begins with an understanding of the specific sampling and processing needs required for each type of sample and biomarker analysis to be performed. Customized kitting, collection plans, and logistics plans are developed to meet the needs of the clinical protocol and biomarker analyses.

We then develop clinical site training plans to promote consistent sample collection and manage global shipment, to ensure timely kitting receipt and rapid shipment of clinical samples. Precision then works with global transport companies to ensure shipment of samples to one of our biorepositories, to a Precision lab for analysis, or to an external lab. To allow you to track the status of your kits of samples, the Precision Lab e-Portal provides online, 24/7 access to kit status, shipment status, and sample inventories.

Precision’s kitting, sample collection, and logistics services provide:

kit tubes

Kitting development and supply management

  • Trial and visit specific
  • Multiple sample types
  • Traceability of each component and expiry dates via 21CFR Part 11 compliant LIMS
  • Detailed kit status reporting
  • Sample collection training
Blood collection-1

Clinical site training

  • Collection-specific quality assurance plans
  • Development of training documentation
  • Competency and monitoring programs
global logistics-1

Logistics and transport management

  • Export/import permits
  • Late/evening shifts to receive deliveries and resolve shipment issues
  • Knowledge in planning best path for shipment
  • Ambient, refrigerated, or frozen shipment options
  • Experience with all major courierseg, QuickStat, World Courier, FedEx, Marken

For more powerful and comprehensive clinical sample management:

virtual Sample Inventory Management

Clinical sample tracking and reconciliation across multiple CROs, labs, and repositories can be manual and error-prone. The QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) software uses automated workflows and conversational AI to transform the way biomarker operations and clinical operations teams analyze data, uncover novel insights, and act on trends.

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