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Patient Recruitment Strategies

Finding the right patients for your trial can be challenging, especially when affected populations are small, such as for rare disease trials. Contact Us
Precision’s holistic patient recruitment approach leverages our global reach, extensive network of disease researchers, and patient advocacy groups to assemble a strategy to match the patient to your clinical trial based on your study’s criteria.For targeted therapeutics, we use biomarker-driven screening to find the patients expected to respond to your therapeutic, moving quickly and with confidence in data quality thanks to our in-house specialty lab services.

Smart patient recruitment strategies

Our network spans the globe, just like your patients do


Building relationships with communities and specialists

Patient advocacy group relationships and social media outreach help reach into affected communities.

Meanwhile, our established relationships with key opinion leaders and clinical research sites around the globe secure access to a wide range of patient populations.

Case Study: Enrolling a global natural history study: How to find 200 rare patients

A sponsor selected Precision to manage a global natural history study in a rare, X-linked kidney disorder. The study had been recommended by the FDA because there was extremely limited published data on this rare disease—the goal was to characterize renal function and decline in patients with the disease prior to initiating a phase 2/3 clinical study. The study, to be conducted in the United States, Canada, Australia and in Europe, would follow 200+ patients for approximately 2 years.

Enrollment was by far the greatest study challenge, combining a low disease prevalence and a primary target population—young males—with life commitments such as school and work that left little time for participation in a trial that offered no therapeutic benefit for participants and would require traveling to a clinic every 3 to 6 months.

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