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Centralized Clinical Sample Data via the Precision Lab e-Portal

Real-time access to key data for enhanced management of central lab services projects

With the Precision Lab e-Portal, investigators can see clinical sample collection kit inventory and shipment status, view clinical sample biostorage inventory reports, and easily place kit reorder requests.


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Real-time management of clinical trial supplies and biospecimens

Powered by Precision QuartzBio software designed for management of complex datasets, the Lab e-Portal provides:

  • Centralized data reporting and analytics available anytime
  • Continuously updated data
  • Sample inventory reports
  • Kit inventory reports
  • Kit expiration data reports

With the Precision Lab e-Portal you can:

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Instantly access your clinical inventory levels

With just a few clicks, you can get a quick-glance summary of your clinical samples, resulting in greater visibility and improving study compliance.



Visualize and share existing inventory sample data

With inventory queries, you can quickly generate summary reports that group data, including sample type and timepoints. These can be downloaded, shared, or added to user-generated dashboards to ensure your most important data are immediately available.


Track your most essential samples

In addition to kitting inventory and expiry data reports, which can help prompt kit reorders, shipping data can be accessed, providing enhanced visibility into clinical kit status to ensure clinical sites are always well supplied.


Be confident in your sample data integrity 

The accuracy of data in the Precision Lab e-Portal is assured by a team dedicated exclusively to global biospecimen data services. Because of the complexity of data biomarker-heavy clinical trials, a group that can customize processes to the needs of each trial is required.

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