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Clinical Trial Monitoring with Precision

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At Precision for Medicine, our Clinical Trial Monitoring strategies blend the art of oversight with the capabilities of innovative technologies. With an unwavering commitment to patient safety, data integrity, and trial efficiency, we will enhance each phase of your clinical development journey. We transform challenges into milestones, guiding your journey to success with unmatched precision

Principles of Precision in Clinical Trial Monitoring

At Precision for Medicine, our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) serve as the linchpin between trials and triumph. Grounded in a philosophy that intertwines the safety of patients with the sanctity of data, our CRAs embody a suite of principles to diligently advance your trial’s objectives. Through proactive site management, effective communication, and unwavering compliance, they ensure each monitored site resonates with the rigor and care that define Precision’s approach to clinical oversight. Our commitment extends beyond standard practices, nurturing a culture of training and mentorship to foster growth and excellence in clinical monitoring.

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    Patient Safety First

    Our CRAs prioritize patient well-being, meticulously monitoring safety protocols and ensuring prompt reporting of adverse events to safeguard participants.
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    Proactive Site Management

    Vigilant and forward-thinking, our CRAs embrace site responsibility, preemptively addressing risks and streamlining solutions for challenges ahead
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    Effective Communication

    Timely dissemination of site updates and swift report filing keep all stakeholders informed and engaged with the latest trial developments.
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    Compliance & Protocol Adherence

    With a rigorous commitment to GCP and regulatory standards, our CRAs ensure protocol fidelity and comprehensive documentation integrity.
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    Training & Mentorship

    We invest in continuous training and mentorship to empower our CRAs with the expertise and confidence to excel in the field.
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    Data Integrity Focus

    The cornerstone of our mission is to safeguard the precision and integrity of study data, fueling reliable outcomes and decisive insights.

Precision in Clinical Monitoring strategies

Precision is adept in the distinct demands of early and late-phase clinical trials, particularly within the realms of Oncology and Rare Disease research. Each phase carries unique monitoring considerations, such as the intensive oversight required during the initial dosing of Phase I studies. Precision tailors monitoring approaches to your trial's design, collaborating with you to determine the monitoring intensity required for optimal data quality and cost-efficiency.
  • SDV Scenarios
  • Risk-based Monitoring
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Tailored Source Data Verification Approaches

    Precision recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when it comes to Source Data Verification (SDV). Depending on the design and phase of your trial, different SDV strategies—be it 100%, reduced or targeted SDV—can be implemented to maximize data quality while optimizing the allocation of monitoring resources. With our nuanced understanding, we craft SDV monitoring plans that support the depth of data scrutiny required, whether that involves comprehensive verification or a targeted review aligned with specific data risks and study endpoints. By selecting the most suitable SDV method, Precision enhances the integrity of your data and the efficiency of your trial monitoring.
    Patient Data Review
  • Enhancing Clinical Oversight with Risk-Based Monitoring

    At Precision, we embrace a data-centric approach to Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM). By identifying the critical data and how it is collected, we identify potential risks and develop robust strategies to proactively secure the data, enabling our CRAs to focus their efforts where it's most needed. This method not only streamlines the monitoring process but also allocates resources more effectively so that critical trial aspects receive the attention required without undue expenditure. Utilizing advanced analytical tools, such as Precision's Clarity alongside industry-standard platforms like Medidata CTMS, our RBM strategies are designed to safeguard the integrity of your trial data while optimizing the monitoring workload.
    Risk Based Monitoring RBM
  • Enhanced Centralized Monitoring with Precision

    Precision's Centralized Monitoring team leverages our proprietary Clarity clinical intelligence suite to provide a comprehensive review of aggregate data, identifying outliers, trends, and safety signals. Our strategic approach reduces the need for frequent onsite visits by utilizing powerful analytics and dynamic data visualization, augmented by our cross-functional and integrated data review process. This enables Precision to optimize site performance and data integrity, supporting a streamlined SDV/SDR strategy.
    Remote Monitoring
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Transforming clinical trials through patient centricity

The emphasis on patient centricity and decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) is more than a trend—it’s a transformative shift towards respecting and accommodating the real-world contexts of patients and their caregivers. Precision for Medicine champions this shift, drawing from our rich experience across oncology and rare diseases, to design trials that are as considerate as they are scientifically rigorous. By thoughtfully incorporating patient lifestyles and symptoms into trial designs, we ensure participation is not only viable but also meaningful for patients and caregivers alike. Our strategies embody our commitment to making trials more patient-centric, from pediatric to adult populations, offering a smoother and more inclusive research journey. Discover how our innovative approaches in patient recruitment (HL) and DCTs (HL) are making a difference.

Experts in Complex Diseases and Advanced Therapies

We recognize the patient journey throughout the development process. Our mission is to assist our partners in delivering innovative treatments to patients. Leverage our deep expertise in these therapeutic areas to advance your clinical goals.

Precision insights in Clinical Monitoring and beyond

Stay at the forefront of research with Precision’s blog, featuring key updates and insights on clinical monitoring, case studies, and more

Specialized capabilities in every stage of clinical development

Leverage an integrated infrastructure that reduces the inefficiencies inherent in complex development. Integrate lab and trial execution to increase speed to market. Incorporate manufacturing expertise for advances therapies to ensure scalability. Precision can customize and converge our capabilities for your program's unique needs.

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    Global CRO

    Award-winning CRO with deep oncology and rare disease expertise

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    Global Laboratory

    Exceptional translational and biomarker sciences with global central lab services

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    Pioneers in planning, building and maintaining manufacturing at scale for pharma and biotechs.