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Precision FSP Services: Flexible Solutions, Strategic Success

Agile, scalable delivery expertise, at the speed of Precision. Contact us
At Precision for Medicine, we understand that flexible resourcing models are key to driving efficiency. Precision’s Functional Service Provider (FSP) models are founded on expertise, strategic scalability and value-driven resourcing. We tailor high-quality FSP teams to meet the needs of your innovative clinical programs. 

Strategic Agility: Functional Service Provider Solutions

Precision elevates FSP partnerships beyond expectation, ensuring every phase of clinical development is met with strategic alignment and operational excellence. Throughout the clinical development lifecycle, expertise requirements and team dynamics will evolve, influencing both cost and time efficiencies. With Precision FSP services, we establish strategically aligned delivery teams, focused on creating value for you at every stage, with the ultimate goal of expediting positive patient outcomes.
  • Aligned Expertise
  • Unparalleled Agility
  • Innovate Together
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Build Strategically Aligned Expertise

    We bring the right mix of expertise across levels that augments your internal team’s capacity while ensuring seamless delivery to meet tight timelines. Our staff are experts in their respective fields and adept at cross-functional collaboration and integration into external teams. 
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  • Swift Adaptation, Unmatched Agility

    Our unique ability to help accelerate ramp-up and adapt to dynamic resourcing needs, while remaining focused on critical clinical and commercial outcomes, truly differentiates us. 
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  • Partnership for Precision Outcomes

    Every partnership with Precision FSP is founded on reliability, transparency, flexibility and commitment. With our deep domain expertise and quality-led delivery, we are invested in enabling your teams to achieve their development goals at every stage. 
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  • Adapting to Your Needs with Precision

    We at Precision tailor our Functional Service Provider solutions to fit your project's unique requirements, whether it involves adopting your SOPs and technology platforms or integrating our cutting-edge technologies and processes. Our commitment to quality and flexibility ensures that we deliver value at every stage, driving your project towards innovative success with the adaptability you require.
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Custom FSP models by Precision

At Precision, we understand the dynamic needs of your clinical programs. That's why our FSP models are designed for adaptability, ensuring seamless integration and scalability at every step. By providing customer-facing, cost-effective solutions, we not only align with your current needs but also possess the flexibility to grow alongside you. This commitment extends across global time zones, providing alignment and/or time zone flexibility for maximum collaboration efficiency.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Flexible Staffing for Enhanced Trial Support

    Optimize your individual project outcomes with Precision’s Staff Augmentation. Our flexible FTE model offers scalable support tailored to your project needs, allowing seamless integration with your existing systems and processes. Enhance your team's capabilities with solutions ranging from individual allocations to comprehensive team member augmentation, delivering operational excellence and project success. 

  • Precision FSP

    Comprehensive Support, Client-Driven Management

    Enhance your projects or program with Precision FSP's expert functional teams. While you retain full control over project management, our team manages resourcing and ensuring that delivery adheres to your stringent standards of quality and timeliness. Ideal for both single and multiple-function projects, this flexible model aligns with your or Precision’s SOPs and systems. Supported by our robust three-tier governance structure, it delivers operational excellence, boosting your project outcomes with unmatched precision and reliability. 

Expand your capabilities with Precision FSP

With Precision FSP, your project taps into a wealth of expertise across vital clinical data domains, ensuring that whatever skills your team seeks to bolster, our specialists provide integrated, comprehensive support. Our diverse therapeutic area experience means we're equipped to meet the specific demands of your clinical research, offering tailored solutions that enhance project outcomes.
  • FSP_Clinical monitoring

    Clinical Monitoring

    Enhance your clinical trials with Precision's expert CRAs. Through proactive site management and effective communication, they foster seamless site coordination and high-quality data collection. 
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    Clinical Data Management

    Accelerate your clinical programs with our diverse pool of data management experts, well-versed in supporting the data cleaning and efficient clinical trial database design and data acquisition utilizing a variety of EDC systems. 
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    Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

    Deliver drug safety and compliance with Precision. Meet the highest safety standards while we help you navigate the complexities of global regulatory requirements. 
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    Strengthen your trials with our seasoned biostatistics team, specializing in innovative trial designs, niche therapeutic areas and extensive expertise in supporting regulatory submissions. 
  • services_statistical-programming

    Statistical Programming

    Our global statistical programming teams bring an average 10 years of experience, having supported both drugs and device submissions to global regulatory authorities.
  • services_medical-writing

    Medical Writing

    Increase the efficiency and quality of your clinical documentation with Precision's medical writing team, skilled in crafting clear, compliant, and compelling submissions. Our experts specialize in regulatory documents, clinical study reports, and patient narratives, ensuring your research communicates effectively with regulatory authorities and stakeholders. 

Robust FSP governance with Precision

All our Functional Service Provider collaborations have a dedicated customer success ecosystem. Driven by a robust governance framework and executive oversight, we ensure complete transparency, reliable delivery and continuity. 
  • Getting started with Precision FSP

    At the start of every collaboration, our teams are aligned to your program structures and goals, delivery environment, training and compliance needs to ensure seamless integration. This is further instituted into a governance structure aligning multiple levels to review key business outcome indicators. 

  • More than just oversight—Governance for functional and commercial excellence

    Governance at Precision FSP is more than oversight. It is a multifold structure that monitors metrics and KPIs with the ultimate goal of meeting your delivery and commercial outcomes. 

  • Scaling Operations with Precision

    Part of how partnerships mature at Precision FSP is with the ability to scale both upwards and downwards based on your business needs. Our teams are flexible and built to align with your scale, efficiency and commercial drivers.

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  • FSP governance
  • Global scale
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Precision technologies drive efficiency & insight

Discover how our proprietary technologies, like MetaVate, are revolutionizing data transformation and generating real-time insights. 

With MetaVate, we bring you tech-enabled teams that drive efficiencies beyond FSP. Automating the conversion from any source to any target, including SDTM, ADaM and third-party data, data transformations have never been more intuitive. Be it a looming submission timeline or a quantum of legacy studies to transform, the combination of our expert teams and MetaVate is the answer to greater time and cost efficiencies. 

MetaVate can add immense value to your biostatistical capabilities when utilized in large FSP or FSO partnerships. Increase your programming efficiency and insight with Precision technologies. 

Read our latest Precision insights

Stay updated with the latest insights in clinical development and next-generation engagement models through our blog. 

Specialized capabilities in every stage of clinical development

Leverage an integrated infrastructure that reduces the inefficiencies inherent in complex development. Integrate lab and trial execution to increase speed to market. Incorporate manufacturing expertise for advances therapies to ensure scalability. Precision can customize and converge our capabilities for your program's unique needs.

  • clinical-trial-support

    Global CRO

    Award-winning CRO with deep oncology and rare disease expertise

  • specialty-lab-services

    Global Laboratory

    Exceptional translational and biomarker sciences with global central lab services

  • Manufacturing


    Pioneers in planning, building and maintaining manufacturing at scale for pharma and biotechs.