Autoimmune diseases often present as heterogeneous, with complex disease state biology. Their studies require ongoing monitoring of the immune system-and the cell types within it-with changing needs during each clinical phase.

Precision supports autoimmune clinical development with our integrated clinical trials, biomarker, and data science services that cover every phase of development. Our immune monitoring solutions scale with your study needs, and our data science experts leverage our proprietary QuartzBio platform to generate sophisticated pathway analysis that clarifies complex disease biology.

Advanced biomarker capabilities that scale with your needs

Our specialty lab services offer a wide range of biomarker assay capabilities, especially in the area of immune monitoring.

  • Epiontis ID, one of our proprietary technologies
    • A cost-effective immunophenotyping alternative to flow cytometry
    • Simplified sample logistics enables use in global, multi-site trials
    • Small sample volume requirements
    • Works on diverse tissue types including frozen samples and dried blood spots
    • We have ready-to-go assays and can also develop a custom assay for your study

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Demonstrated experience in immune cell profiling in autoimmune studies

Learn more about Epiontis ID for immune monitoring, Precision’s proprietary immune monitoring platform, has been extensively utilized to support the immune monitoring needs specific to autoimmune studies.

Front cover of immune cell profiling in translational research white paper download

White Paper: Immune cell profiling in translational research

Learn about key technologies available for immune cell profiling and the benefits and limitations of each approach.

Insight into complex patient biology with biomarker data sciences

Precision’s QuartzBio provides biomarker data management and computational biology, harmonizing multiomic biomarker data and applying AI-powered analysis to uncover disease biology and novel biomarker signatures for maximum insight into patient biology.

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We combine global clinical trial excellence with biomarker-driven science


  • Biomarker-driven match of the right patient with the right drug
  • PFM associates are an extension of a sponsor’s team, with access to senior management
  • CRAs are dedicated to your trial-not spread thin across multiple trials


  • Dedicated specialists in oncology and immuno-oncology
  • 20+ years of conducting oncology clinical trials
  • 350+ oncology studies
  • A dedicated, international network of proprietary oncology sites (OSN)

Biomarker Science at Scale

  • Customized biomarker solutions integrated with global clinical trial execution
  • Biomarker data-driven management and proprietary QuartzBio technology platform
  • Rigorous logistical expertise and strength

Discover how our allergy and autoimmune clinical development and trial expertise can advance your therapeutic development

Discover how our allergy and autoimmune clinical development and trial expertise can advance your therapeutic development

Services supporting clinical development of autoimmune & allergy therapeutics

Clinical Trial Management

Fully integrated biomarker-driven trial management solutions-from study start-up through full-service execution-help accelerate your path to approval.

Immune Monitoring

Leverage sophisticated immune monitoring approaches, including flow, Epiontis ID immune cell phenotyping, and cytokine profiling, to characterize the immune cells in your samples and understand their impact on patient biology.


Our QuartzBio team utilizes a proprietary technology platform to harmonize and integrate multiomic biomarker data as well as clinical data. We can then combine public datasets, and apply AI and computational biology approaches to maximize data insight.

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