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Target Validation, Biomarker Validation, and Safety

Effective validation of therapeutic targets and biomarkers

Precision for Medicine, with a specific focus on histopathology and access to diverse biospecimens, provides a range of human tissue–based research services from the preclinical to clinical stages of development. We specialize in various programs involving small molecule, large molecule, and advanced therapeutics (gene and cell therapies). Our expertise in genomics and cell biology supports you in understanding target expression and localization, determining tumor biology and cellular interplay, and characterizing novel therapeutic entities.

Precision’s technologies providing biomarker and safety insight

  • Target Expression

    Using a proprietary qRT-PCR-based platform, whole body target expression data supports target validation, drug repurposing, evaluation of potential clinical safety concerns, and validation of animal models.
  • Cell-Based Assays

    Developing and qualifying 2D and 3D human in vitro cell-based models, using a broad range of human primary cell types. These models are further utilized in bioassays, with the analysis enabling a variety of endpoints.
  • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)/ISH

    Development of multiplex FISH/ISH assays to detect abnormalities in a range of tissues, including hematological and solid organ tumors.
  • Multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF)

    Automated multiplex immunofluorescence services that enable quantitative visualization of up to 9 markers in tissue and liquid biopsies.
  • tissue-slide

    lmmunohistochemistry (IHC)

    End-to-end IHC solutions including kitting, sample logistics, staining via all major platforms, and in-house pathology services.
  • tissue

    Tissue Biospecimens

    Thousands of IRB-approved, clinically annotated biospecimens, including samples characterized via next-generation sequencing (NGS), are available to help researchers optimize biomarker and diagnostic development. These are ready to ship the same day to your lab.

Histopathology labs supporting beyond target and biomarker validation

Precision’s histopathology labs offer comprehensive services for target and biomarker validation. Our team of board-certified pathologists specialize in various areas of clinical research, including companion diagnostics development, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) development.

  • iStock-1370585977

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US

    IHC/mIF Stainers & Scanners

    • Dako Autostainer Link 48
    • Dako PT Link
    • Leica Bond II
    • Ventana BenchMark ULTRA
    • Aperio GT 450


    • CAP/CLIA
    • ISO 9001:2005
  • iStock-1130924353

    Houston, Texas, US

    IHC/mIF Stainers & Scanners

    • Leica Bond RX
    • Akoya Vectra Polaris
    • Aperio GT 450
    • InForm / HALO AP
    • Halo/AI


    • CLIA
    • GxP
  • iStock-980627542

    Royston, UK

    IHC/mIF Stainers & Scanners

    • Leica Bond RX
    • Dako Autostainer + PT Link
    • Ventana Discovery ULTRA 
    • Aperio AT2
    • Akoya Vectra Polaris
    • InForm / HALO AP


    • GLP
    • GCLP

Approaches for target and biomarker validation, and for therapeutic characterization

Precision’s target and biomarker validation and safety services include consultative study design and assay development, analysis and interpretation of data, and data reporting.

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Explore Precision’s other specialty assay areas

  • Immune-monitoring

    Immune Monitoring

    Leverage sophisticated immune monitoring approaches, including flow cytometry, Epiontis ID® immune cell phenotyping, and cytokine profiling, to characterize the immune cells in your samples and understand their impact on patient biology.

  • Bioanalytical

    Bioanalytical Testing

    At Precision, we understand the complexities of immunogenicity testing and other bioanalytical methods, with a leadership team that continues to shape and inform regulatory guidance. 

  • Tissue Biopsy Analysis

    At Precision for Medicine, we’re committed to delivering gold-standard tissue sourcing, processing, and analysis services.


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