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Research-grade and GMP-grade leukopaks, shipped directly to your lab
Customizable leukopaks from donor selection to delivery – fresh, cryopreserved, and mobilized leukopaks are collected from healthy or disease-state donors in our in-house apheresis center. Precision offers both Research-grade and GMP-grade leukopaks to meet your research applications.

High-quality starting material for your research is critical, and our teams follow strict IRB-approved protocols to ensure optimal cell yield, viability, and quality.

Leukopaks provide up to 100x more cells from the same donor than whole blood collections, minimizing donor variability for studies that require assay-to-assay consistency.

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Curated Leukopaks for your research needs

The benefits of Precision leukopaks begin with our CLIA-certified, FDA-registered apheresis collection center, allowing for customization of your product from donor identification to delivery. Donor demographics, HLA type, and phenotype can be selected based on your criteria. Our in-house immunology laboratory allows for custom cellular processing of leukopaks into PBMCs, or other isolated cell lines upon request.


Pre-freeze viability

Available Leukopak products

Leukopak TypeFormatSize/Number of Cells
  • Fresh, Cryopreserved
  • Healthy, Disease-state
  • Quarter pak: 2B total cells
  • Half pak: 4-6B total cells
  • Full pak: 8-12B total cells
Research-Grade, Mobilized
  • Fresh, Cryopreserved
  • Healthy, Disease-state
  • Full pak: 20-40 billion total cells; 
    up to 625 million CD34+ stem cells
  • Fresh
  • Healthy
  • Half pak: 4-6 billion total cells
  • Full pak: 10-12 billion total cells

Choosing the right Leukopak for your research

  • Fresh Leukopaks

    These leukopaks are collected from healthy donors before being shipped fresh for swift use - eliminating the need for freezing or storing them.

    Because the cells are shipped fresh, they're used for short-term applications and experiments.

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    • Get prompt shipments of cells ready for isolation
    • Eliminate the need to freeze cells, translating to high viability and functionality
    • Preserve specific cell subsets and delicate characteristics



    • A missed or late shipment could mean losing all viability
    • The short timeline can cause logistical challenges and potentially increase costs
    Fresh leukopaks
  • Cryopreserved Leukopaks

    As the name suggests, cryopreserved leukopaks are frozen at ultra-low temperatures to preserve the sample cells for extended periods of time.

    The cryopreservation and thawing processes result in minimal viability loss while providing more flexibility in shipment schedules and experimentation timelines.

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    • Extend your experimental window by storing samples until you need them
    • Improve batch consistency and reproducibility with preserved, standardized cell samples


    • Freezing and thawing processes can lead to cell loss
    • Thawing and recovery time may delay research or application timelines
  • Mobilized Leukopaks

    Mobilized leukopaks are collected from donors who were treated with a drug that stimulates an increased release of stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation.

    The increased concentration of stem and progenitor cells in mobilized leukopaks is ideal for cell therapy and research applications.

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    • Acquire the highest concentration of CD34+ stem cells up to 10x more than in normal leukopaks
    • 2-4x more total cell yields than in normal leu
    • Enhance reproducibility with a consistent supply of cells from a single donor


    • Mobilized leukopaks tend to cost more than normal leukopak products, but the benefits outweigh the costs
    Mobilised Leukopaks

Leukopaks are collected from our database of deeply characterized donors, providing detailed information

  • Demographics
  • Medical history, disease characterization, outcome data, CBC report available, all viral negative and vaccination status captured
  • Immunophenotyping via flow cytometry
  • Recallable, HLA- typed donors
  • Custom donor specifications upon request

Donors undergo an initial screening process prior to their first donation and are then prescreened every 3 months to ensure they meet our donation standards.

  • High-quality Leukopaks designed for your research

  • donor-recallability

    Donor Recallability

    Recall donors with your desired characteristics to optimize your results.
  • same-day-delivery

    Same-Day Delivery

    The location of our apheresis center allows for same day delivery to Greater Boston, and next-day delivery across the United States.
  • same-day-processing

    Same-Day Processing

    Our on-site immunology lab allows for a quick turnaround from collection to processing, ensuring high cell viabilities.
  • customizable-product

    Customizable Product

    From donor selection to processing, cell isolations, and shipping—our leukopaks are made to fit your needs.

Precision’s Leukopaks are collected at our in-house Apheresis Center

Located in the Greater Boston Area

Our in-house, CLIA-certified Apheresis Donor Center is fully equipped with the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System and a staff of experienced nurses and scientific experts. We collect leukopaks from healthy and disease-state donors that are customizable from donor to delivery – to meet your research needs.

On-Site Rapid Sample Analysis for Leukopaks

In conjunction with our in-house apheresis center, we have an on-site immunology lab dedicated to rapid analysis and processing of samples.


Immunophenotyping panels via flow cytometry

  • Purity assessment on isolated cell subsets
  • Custom panels available

ELISpot/Fluorospot sample analysis

  • IFN-γ immune responses
  • Custom assays available

Cell culture

  • PBMCs, BMMCs, DTCs
  • T-cell expansion
  • Enriched cell populations

CBC analysis

  • 5-part differential





  • AV serotype assays
  • Custom assays available

In addition, Precision has a full-suite of global specialty lab services offering in-depth analysis for your samples

  • sample-processing

    PBMC & Sample Processing

    Sample processing with expertise in PBMC isolations from labs across 5 continents

  • Flow Cytometry

    Standard and spectral flow cytometry, on both research-grade and CLIA-validated instruments
  • Cell-Based Assays

    Developing and qualifying 2D and 3D human in vitro cell-based models using a broad range of human primary cell types, with analysis enabling a variety of endpoints

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