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Navigating the Complex Ecosystem of Cell Therapy Clinical Trials

Cell Therapy Clinical Trials

Cell therapies are among the most exciting advancements in oncology

Several CAR T-cell therapies have already been granted approval by the FDA and EMA, but the field is broadening. New therapies are tapping into stem cells, T-cell receptors (TCR), tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, macrophages, and NK-cells to explore their therapeutic potential.

While these therapies can be more effective at targeting solid tumors, they face barriers throughout development.

  • Complex manufacturing processes
  • Rigorous regulatory expectations
  • Shortages of qualified staff and laboratories
  • Market access and commercialization challenges

Gain the insights needed to understand and overcome the unique clinical, translational, logistical, and manufacturing challenges associated with developing a novel cell therapy in this free ungated eBook.


Read first-hand insights from experts in oncology cell therapy

Within this resource, we go into detail on the current and future state of cell therapy development.

  • Environment: Current trends, in-depth breakdowns, and unrealized opportunities
  • Execution: Key nuances of cell therapy clinical trials, from therapeutic development, regulatory, and manufacturing considerations to site selection, lab partners, logistics, and data monitoring
  • Evolution: Ways to streamline insight generation that drive efficiency and propel cell therapy clinical trial execution forward

Download: Evolutions in Oncology Cell Therapy >