Clinical Sample
Management from
Draw to Analysis

Sample management is complex. Multiple samples from multiple patients across multiple sites all require uniform processing, meticulous handling, rigorous tracking, and then careful analysis to yield essential insights into patient biology. Precision’s proven methods ensure consistency at every step, while our proprietary data science platform delivers a deep multiomic visualization and analysis, allowing you to assess results across multiple metrics in real time.

virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM)

Gain centralized visibility into sample collection, processing, and storage status across siloed source systems with QuartzBio’s vSIM solution. Digitally monitor samples across sites, labs, and biorepositories to detect discrepancies early and to maximize your data generation potential.

Global Specimen Transport & Storage

Worldwide, we employ real-time inventory management, uniform storage conditions, and regular competency assessment and monitoring to ensure site-to-site and lab-to-lab data comparability.

Sample Processing

With real-time sample processing occurring in 55+ countries on 6 continents, we manage the sample from draw to assay, streamlining handling and ensuring sample preservation, integrity, and consistency.


Custom kitting is a standard offering that simplifies consistent specimen collection and transport to help control pre-analytical variables.

Rigorous clinical sample management underpins biomarker-driven insights

Integrated data delivers comprehensive insight into patient biology

With information coming from samples collected at multiple sites, accurate research results require across-the-board consistency: consistent processes for each step, consistent conditions both in transit and in storage, consistent handling from draw to assay-and, in the case of cellular and gene therapies, back to the patient. Precision delivers across every sample type. We underpin our rigorous sample handling and logistics with a proprietary sample management system to maximize data-driven insights. Connecting data from clinical trials, central labs and biomarkers, researchers are able to glean complex insights from each patient sample in real time, speeding decisions and minimizing risk.

Discover how our clinical sample management experts can advance your international clinical trial

Discover how our clinical sample management experts can advance your international clinical trial

Clinical trial services

Clinical Trial Management

Fully integrated biomarker-driven trial management solutions-from study start-up through full-service execution-help accelerate your path to approval.

Clinical Development Strategy

Tailored strategies consider the scientific, regulatory, and commercial factors that shape each trial, mitigating risk and advancing the development pathway.

Clinical Trial Design

Advanced trial-design approaches-including basket, umbrella, and adaptive trials-deliver biomarker driven clinical research. Deep experience in these highly complex trial designs maximizes both insights and efficiency.


Seasoned biostatisticians and statistical programmers deliver insight into every trial phase, from study design to regulatory submissions, all backed by meticulous documentation and data monitoring.

Global Clinical Trial Footprint

Sample processing labs, clinical trial sites and offices in five continents provide the clinical reach and scale to manage complex global programs.

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