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Biomarker Intelligence: enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM)

Get a 360° view of your assay data - cleaned, annotated, and linked to clinical and sample data - in a connected, AI-enabled ecosystem.

Drug development programs are investing heavily in biomarker assays that are generating rich biological data. But unlocking the potential of this data requires integrating biomarker, clinical, and sample data streams.

Built on the QuartzBio® AI-Enabled Biomarker Intelligence Platform, powered by the first ensemble of Precision Medicine Large Language Models (LLMs), our enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product transforms the way researchers interact with and extract insights from their biological data, across the entire portfolio of clinical programs. eBDM automatically centralizes and quality-controls all data, including preclinical, clinical, exploratory, and publicly available data, so that translational researchers and data scientists can speed up decision-making.​

Use case

Unifying biomarker & clinical data, using automated workflows

Surface insights efficiently by using the QuartzBio® eBDM solution to link across data types and also link between reportables, underlying raw data, and preprocessed data. Automated workflows also accommodate preclinical and nonclinical data and refresh information continuously as studies unfold.

Webinar: Unifying Clinical & Biomarker Data

Exploratory biomarker data can be a headache to manage. Translational and data science teams are challenged to generated insights from disconnected data flows from specialty labs, sponsor data processing pipelines, and clinical data stores.

Join us for a webinar demo of the QuartzBio® enterprise Biomarker Data Management solution. 

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