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Sample Intelligence: virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM)

Get a 360° view across your sample data ecosystem from collection through long-term storage.

Clinical sample tracking and reconciliation across multiple CROs, labs, and repositories can be manual and error-prone. The QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) software uses automated workflows and conversational AI to transform the way biomarker operations and clinical operations teams analyze data, uncover novel insights, and act on trends.

Keep track of clinical samples and their derivatives across sites, labs, and repositories.


Transform clinical sample management with AI-powered insights

The Precision QuartzBio® vSIM product is the industry’s first generative AI-powered sample management solution that centralizes and transforms sample data from disparate sources to enable powerful decision-making capabilities. ​

Conversational AI empowers any team, regardless of data expertise, to speed decision-making across the entire biospecimen lifecycle. Insights can span multiple studies or an entire portfolio, at every phase of development.​

  • Track specimens across their entire lifecycle with dynamic reports comparing actual and expected sample status​​
  • Monitor sample stability and consent expiration with automated notifications​​
  • Quickly identify samples to ship for testing using intuitive Sample Ship List generator​​
  • Report on portfolio-level metrics and vendor and site performance across all clinical programs to inform future planning​

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