Data Science:
to Precision

Modern biomarker-informed therapeutic and diagnostic development programs involve a complex operational and data ecosystem. Multiple data streams flow from sites, central labs, and specialty labs.

At Precision, we understand that data aren’t enough. Clients need information, or data with context, to make decisions that impact patient health.

Our information management technologies, enhanced with generative AI, analytics, and business intelligence tools, guide every facet of drug development.

Subject matter expertise and an investment in solutions

Our approach combines expertise from biological, clinical trial operations, data sciences, computational biology, software development, and further domains. We succeed because we have the experience to appreciate the real challenges, and we’ve invested in the technology and infrastructure that enables us to deliver better solutions more efficiently. This practical foundation is what enables Precision to harness the power of AI to deliver impact (not just promises).

Technology that enables advanced data science

Precision is a purpose-driven partner that sources, integrates, and transforms data to unlock its full potential. An investment in developing technology is central to our commitment to delivering high-yield insights and advanced analytics that empower clinical development. Precision’s technical infrastructure includes artificial intelligence (AI)-guided smart mapping to streamline data integration, web-based user interfaces that ease data visualization and advance collaboration, and APIs to enhance sponsor access to data. Our platforms are enterprise-grade, 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliant.

Clinical Data Science

Trial management and operations empowered by data-first

With Precision’s data-first approach and our decades of experience at the forefront of modern drug development, you get better visibility, better collaboration, and better clinical trial execution. From study start-up and patient recruitment to regulatory filing support, data-first ensures efficient and effective clinical development.


Seasoned biostatisticians and statistical programmers support every phase of your trial, from study design for small, rare disease trials to regulatory submissions, all backed by meticulous documentation

Clinical Data Management

One dedicated team-armed with indication-specific expertise-supports your project from start-up to database lock, delivering data you can trust using the optimal EDC for your study.


Precision’s team of clinical biostatisticians provides trial design consultation, statistical methodology recommendations, programming expertise, and data interpretation, delivering trial results efficiently and on time.

Study Startup & Feasibility

Site selection informed by performance and real world data, and in-depth analysis and understanding of the competitive landscape enable predictable.

Patient Recruitment

Advanced patient identification using informatics, deep connection with the research centers, patient advocacy groups, and key opinion leaders help speed recruitment and startup.

Biomarker and translational information management

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions connecting biospecimen, assay, and clinical data sources

From sample collection to biomarker data management, our end-to-end suite of solutions provides sponsors with information (data with context).
We connect biospecimen, assay, and clinical data sources in a secure, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure. Our solutions enable automated data management workflows, key insight development, improved collaboration, and more informed decisions.

virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM)

Digitally monitor the status of biospecimens and their informed consent across multiple sites, labs, and repositories over the entire sample lifecycle.

enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM)

Acquire, QC, and transform all your biomarker data, including exploratory data, preclinical data, and public repositories—connected to sample and clinical data—across your enterprise.

Analytics, Information, Insights & Reporting Enhancements (AIIR360)

Enhanced business intelligence tools provide more advanced analytics, information, insights, and reporting (AIIR) to vSIM and eBDM solutions. AIIR360 capabilities include advanced on-study and portfolio-wide reporting and visualization for complex data.

Discover how our unique and thoughtful data science approach can support your development program

Discover how our unique and thoughtful data science approach can support your development program

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