Turning Data Chaos
into Insight
with QuartzBio

For therapeutic and diagnostic development programs, data can spark insight and drive decision making. But data produced during preclinical and clinical development tends to be messy, disorganized, and decentralized, which makes interpretation and utilization of this data highly challenging.

At Precision, we leverage purpose-built technology, our QuartzBio platform, to reach across the data silos, integrating and organizing diverse data sets-including preclinical data, clinical data, biomarker data, publicly available data, and a sponsor’s pre-existing proprietary data. After harmonization, the data becomes orders of magnitude easier to access and interpret, enabling multiomic, multidimensional data visualization and subsequent application of computational biology approaches to generate unique insights.

Data without borders

The QuartzBio platform puts powerful biomarker data management, virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM), and informatics capabilities into your hands.

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Biomarker Data Management

To enable real-time data access and inform critical decisions, our experts harmonize, integrate, and centralize biomarker data, clinical data, and publicly available datasets into one central, accessible database with a suite of visualization, analysis and reporting tools.

virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM)

Gain centralized visibility into sample collection, processing, and storage status across siloed source systems with QuartzBio’s vSIM solution. Digitally monitor samples across sites, labs, and biorepositories to detect discrepancies early and to maximize your data generation potential.

Maximize Insight through QuartzBio

Integration of public data and diverse sponsor data through QuartzBio’s multiomic processing engine creates a centralized data ecosystem. Data Scientists and domain experts leverage broad knowledge bases and AI designed specifically to interpret biological data for computational biology and informatics, enabling signature identification, mechanism of action (MOA) characterization, and more.

Unlocking the value of complex biomarker data: Clinical Omics

Discover how our QuartzBio platform can advance your therapeutic or diagnostic development program

Discover how our QuartzBio platform can advance your therapeutic or diagnostic development program

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