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QuartzBio, Precision’s biomarker data science solutions team has a robust platform for managing, harmonizing and integrating sample level data (master sample inventory), biomarker data and clinical data. When deployed in clinical trials this creates a data ecosystem where the data are connected from samples to the assay and clinical data – researchers and clinical trial managers have the ability to visualize and analyze diverse data within and across studies in one centralized location to help guide on study decision making.

This data ecosystem becomes even more valuable when our team of informatics and computational biology experts are engaged to help you explore and interrogate the data. We leverage our proprietary biologically guided artificial intelligence biology platform to surface insights previously hidden, maximizing the value of your data.

Unique biological data requires a unique approach

The QuartzBio team transforms multiomic data into insights, spanning discovery oriented pre-clinical work to regulated clinical trials. We work with teams to: uses AI and machine learning (ML) approaches specifically developed to work with clinical and biomarker data – all guided by domain experts with real-world biological understanding. It is this unique and tailored computational biology approach that allows QuartzBio to derive the insights that support and accelerate development programs:

  • Perform target pathway selection
  • Identify and prioritize indications
  • Characterize Mechanism of Action (MoA)
  • Stratify patients; and
  • Provide submission ready results to support regulatory filings

The QuartzBio translational informatics and computational biology platform

Leveraging publicly available data can reduce your need to spend time and resources on studies that have already been done

  • Increase the probability of success by mitigating the reproducibility risks inherent in preclinical models
  • Quickly incorporate data-driven decision-making to guide program extensions and lifecycle planning
  • Build a data asset that supports eventual regulatory filings and articulates the value of internal development programs

Combining mechanistic and data-driven approaches

Find correlations across diverse multi-omic data sets with biology-guided AI

Case study: Proprietary general AI method identifies treatment resistance mechanisms in lung cancer patients


Many patients develop resistance to cancer therapies, often leaving them with no further treatment options. High-volume omics data is available that can better characterize many patients’ tumor biology, but requires expertise to integrate and draw insight from.


Using publicly available data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), we enriched scorable network architectures as a foundation for applying AI-based algorithms specific to target pathways.


Using this analysis, the QuartzBio team found that lung cancer tumors exhibit a stem-cell like phenotype with features that differ between individuals with a heavy smoking history compared to a light smoking history, an intriguing finding given that cancer stem cells have been implicated in resistance to treatment.

The QuartzBio team also demonstrated that the application of the knowledge-derived mechanistic insights improves machine-learning predictions of tumor versus non-tumor samples


Using QuartzBio, we were able to identify new therapeutic target pathways for lung cancer, highlighted the need for smoking history-dependent personalized treatment paradigms, and demonstrated the value applying Knowledge-Reasoning AI to improve performance of machine-learning AI models.


Oral presentation; 2019 ICSB (International Conference of Systems Biology) Rocky conference; Poster presentation; 2019 SITC (Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer)

Tell us about your project requirements

Access to powerful, proprietary bioinformatics and computational biology tools is just one way Precision can advance your clinical development program. We can do so much more.

Tell us about your project requirements

Access to powerful, proprietary bioinformatics and computational biology tools is just one way Precision can advance your clinical development program. We can do so much more.

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