Sample Inventory

At Precision, we know that lost samples are more than lost data, they are missed opportunities for insight, which is why we extended QuartzBio’s proprietary solution to enable virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM). vSIM ensures ongoing visibility into samples as they traverse the complex network of sites, labs, and biobanks for early detection of deviations and to maximize your data generation potential.

virtual Sample Inventory Management with Precision

Keep track of clinical samples and their derivatives across sites, labs, and repositories.

virtual sample inventory management (vSIM) that maximizes your insight

Using QuartzBio, we can track individual samples across different labs and sites, providing 24/7 access to a master sample inventory and robust reporting that expedites on-study decision-making and enhances collaboration.

  • Gain forward-looking visibility into expected sample collection, including as sample schedules evolve
  • Evaluate performance trends quickly and monitor site-level sample QC metrics, elevating issues for timely course correction
  • Detect discrepancies early with dynamic dashboards and a collaborative interface
  • Integrate and QC results data to develop a comprehensive exploratory data asset

QuartzBio is designed for rapid startup and can even be deployed on in-progress studies.

Contact us to learn how vSIM can support your trial

Contact us to learn how vSIM can support your trial

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