Discovery (MSD)

Understanding the abundance of a specific protein or set of proteins is one of the most basic measurements needed in pre-clinical and clinical research, whether you’re tracking a biomarker, profiling cytokines, or testing immunogenicity with ADA assays.

The MesoScale Discovery (MSD) platform can analyze a range of analytes in complex sample matrices, with low sample volume requirements and high consistency between runs. This combination makes the MSD platform ideal for high throughput multiplex protein quantitation as well as anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays. Additionally, Precision can develop and validate custom MSD panels, or run fully validated kits.

High-throughput multiplex antibody-based detection with mesoscale

Advantages of MSD assays

MSD assays work on the same principle as ELISA assays, but use an electrochemiluminescent signal as the detection method and have the capability to measure multiple analytes in a single well.

At Precision, we use MSD assays when sample is limited or matrix effects are expected to complicate detection. The MSD platform offers several advantages over traditional ELISA:

  • Multiplex up to 10 analytes
  • Wider dynamic range
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Lower sample volume
  • Less matrix interference
Our MSD capabilities
  • Assay development or transfer, validation, and implementation
  • Pre-built, validated MSD assay plates
  • Support pre-clinical through phase 3 studies
  • ISO/GCP/GLP/CAP/CLIA regulated assays

Integrating biomarker and clinical trial data

To help researchers understand and interpret biomarker assay data in the context of other assays as well as the clinical trial data, Precision provides the option to manage and analyze assay data using our proprietary QuartzBio Translational Informatics platform.

Learn more about the computational biology, informatics, and sample inventory management capabilities of QuartzBio>.

Global reach, multi-site support

Our MSD assay services support pre-clinical and clinical research, including multi-site studies, conducted anywhere in the world.

Working with Precision

collaborative and consultative approach to projects and can provide recommendations on biomarker assay strategies and implementation, including comprehensive plans for immunogenicity testing.

Services can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic development package including biomarker assays and clinical trials.

Related services

Quanterix SIMOA®

Quanterix SIMOA provides precise quantification of analytes in multiple matrices at ultra-high sensitivity. This platform can measure targets present at femtomolar (fM) levels, enabling analysis of analytes that may have been previously undetectable.


ELISA is generally recognized as a gold standard for quantitative, antibody-based analysis. Precision’s ELISA services include assay development or transfer, validation, and implementation.

PK Assays

We offer assay development, validation, and implementation using ELISAs and MesoScale Discovery (MSD) assays for biologics; flow cytometry and Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) for cell-based therapies; and Quanterix SIMOA® for ultrasensitive detection.

Discover how our bioanalytical testing expertise can advance your development program

Discover how our bioanalytical testing expertise can advance your development program

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