Western Blotting

Western blotting, also known as immunoblotting, is a widely used analytical technique in molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunogenetics. It is primarily used to detect specific proteins in a complex mixture, such as cell lysates or tissue homogenates, by exploiting the specificity of antibody-antigen interactions.

At Precision, our skilled scientific team provides Western blotting services to support your R&D needs. Our advanced automated platform ensures accurate, reproducible results, while our expertise in antibody selection guarantees reliable target detection.

Expert Immunoblotting Services for
Targeted Protein Analysis

Precision for Medicine combines advanced technology with extensive experience to deliver efficient, accurate Western blotting solutions tailored to your unique project requirements.
Advanced Western Blotting Capabilities

Our Western blotting services at Precision offer a wide range of advantages for reliable protein analysis, including:

  • Automated Western blot protocol for improved precision and reproducibility
  • Optimized reagents and validated antibodies for consistent results
  • Quantitative Western blot data for in-depth protein characterization
  • Multiplexing capabilities for simultaneous target detection and analysis
  • GxP-compliant software for regulatory compliance
  • Compatibility with diverse sample types for flexible research applications
  • Low sample input requirements to maximize data generation
Protein Analysis and Target Validation Using Jess Automated System

By automating the labor-intensive process of Western blotting (immunoblotting), we can precisely detect and quantify specific proteins, enabling comprehensive protein profiling.

Precision for Medicine harnesses the power of Jess and other advanced platforms to support drug development and diagnostics, offering precise protein quantification and validation to facilitate personalized medicine and targeted therapy research.

Integrated Analyte Analysis Solutions

Precision understands the value of comprehensive protein research, offering a range of complementary techniques to enhance your Western blotting (immunoblotting) data:
  • Combine Western blotting (immunoblotting) with IHC and multiplex immunofluorescence for detailed tissue biomarker analysis.
  • Employ liquid biopsies for serial assessment of pharmacodynamic biomarkers when tissue samples are limited.
  • Utilize flow cytometry for in-depth analysis of the immune system in both tumor and blood samples.
  • Apply FISH or ISH techniques to detect chromosomal abnormalities or mRNA expression in the same tissue samples used for Western blotting (immunoblotting).

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ELISA is a well-recognized and understood tool for quantitative, antibody-based analysis. Precision’s ELISA services include assay development or transfer, validation, and implementation.

MesoScale Discovery (MSD) Assays

MSD assays provide multiplexed measurements of up to 10 analytes in complex sample matrices consistently and at high sensitivity. Suitable for all phases of development, applications include cytokine profiling, immunogenicity testing, and more.

Quanterix SIMOA®

Quanterix SIMOA provides precise quantification of analytes in multiple matrices at ultra-high sensitivity. This platform can measure targets present at femtomolar (fM) levels, enabling analysis of analytes that may have been previously undetectable.

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