Specialty Lab Services in Europe

Specialty Labs, Biomarker Assays, and Sample Processing to Support European-Based Trials

Precision for Medicine is a contract research organization that has strategically developed an infrastructure of specialty labs and sample processing labs to support clinical development and biomarker assays around the world. In addition to multiple North American lab locations, Precision has specialty labs in Europe, including the UK and Germany, delivering biomarker assay development services and sample analysis from preclinical through clinical trials.

European Specialty Labs Locations and Service Delivery

 Specialty lab services in Berlin, Germany

Specialty: Clinical Immune Monitoring

General Services

  • Biorepository and sample storage
  • PBMC sample processing

Assay Services

  • Flow cytometry
    • Immunophenotyping (up to 17 colors)
    • Phospho flow
    • Receptor occupancy
    • Tetramer flow assays
  • Epiontis ID – immunophenotyping via epigenetic markers
  • Multiplex cytokine profiling, MSD
  • ELISpot
  • NGS


  • ISO 17025


Specialty lab services in Royston, United Kingdom

Specialties: Discovery Biology, Preclinical Biomarkers, Clinical Tissue Profiling

General Services

  • PBMC sample processing
  • Biorepository and sample storage
  • Research tissue bank (80,000 samples)

Assay Services

  • IHC
  • GLP tissue cross reactivity
  • Multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF, 9-color)
  • Digital image analysis
  • Tissue microarray construction
  • Cell-based assays (including high content imaging)
  • Genomics (PCR, qRT-PCR)
  • XpressWay™ Profiles—quantitative gene expression profiles for target validation


  • GLP
  • GCLP
  • HTA-licensed

Multiple European Sample Processing Locations Ensure Rapid and Consistent Processing and Analysis

Precision’s end-to-end solution offers real-time processing in more than 55 countries. Our biomarker assay services in Europe feature custom assay and kit development capabilities, and state-of-the-art biobanking facilities for secure storage, management, and distribution of samples for future use – all helping researchers ensure high-quality samples and optimize the value of their study data.

Royston, UK

Barcelona, Spain

Lyon, France

Berlin, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Globally Recognized Innovators in Biomarker-driven Development

At Precision for Medicine, we have focused on building a network of specialty labs with consistent protocols, servicing both in Europe and in North America. We offer a broad range of platform technologies and approaches, including flow cytometry, epigenetic immune cell phenotyping, cytokine analysis, genomic profiling, sequencing, liquid biopsy, and immunohistochemistry and multiplex immunofluorescence.

Translational Solutions: Delivering Deep Science at Scale

Discover how our European specialty lab services can advance your preclinical or clinical development program

Discover how our European specialty lab services can advance your preclinical or clinical development program

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