Next Generation
(NGS) Services

Next generation sequencing (NGS) provides a highly detailed view of genomic events occurring within a sample. Precision supports pre-clinical and clinical studies with NGS services using Illumina sequencing platforms, enabling discovery of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), indels (insertions/deletions), gene translocations, rearrangements, copy number alterations, and changes in mRNA or microRNA expression levels. In addition, we are able to perform assays according to CLIA as needed.

Detailed insight using NGS

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique genomic and transcriptomic makeup of your pre-clinical or clinical samples

Our team can provide the full range of NGS capabilities including:

  • Whole exome (WES) and targeted NGS
  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB) estimation
  • Microsatellite instability (MSI)
  • Neoantigen identification
  • Whole transcriptome RNA-seq
  • miRNA and other small RNA sequencing
  • Characterization of differentially expressed splice site variants
  • Targeted RNA-seq panels
    • TruSight Oncology 500 Panel
    • Illumina TruSight Tumor 15
    • Illumina TruSight Tumor 170
    • Ampliseq for Illumina Immune Response Panel
    • Archer FusionPlex Solid Tumor Kit
    • Archer VARIANTPlex Solid Tumor Kit
    • Ampliseq for Illumina Cancer Hotspot Panel v2
    • Archer Reveal ctDNA 28 NGS Kit
Integrating capabilities to deliver robust data from less sample

To help researchers derive maximum biomarker data even from limited samples, Precision can leverage multiple technologies on the same sample. For example, ApoStream enables enrichment of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) which can then be sequenced using NGS for powerful genomics profiling insight into liquid biopsies.

Learn more about Precision’s liquid biopsy capabilities >

Global reach, multi-site support

Our NGS services support pre-clinical and clinical research, including multi-site studies, conducted anywhere in the world.

Working with Precision

Precision’s specialty lab scientists take a collaborative and consultative approach to projects and can provide recommendations on biomarker assay strategies and implementation, such as choosing the best genomics platform for your study.

Services can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic development package including biomarker assays and clinical trials.

Our NGS workflow

Related services

NanoString Assays

With panels that enable the simultaneous analysis of up to 800 genes, NanoString profiling is ideal for projects where highly multiplexed analysis is needed, such as oncology and autoimmune therapeutic development.

Fluoresence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) / ISH

FISH and ISH are excellent tools for adding spatial context to genomic analysis. We specialize in developing multiplex FISH/ISH assays to detect abnormalities in a range of tissues, including hematological and solid organ tumors.

Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR)

Droplet Digital PCR is especially well-suited for studies where absolute quantification at low concentrations is necessary. Example uses are to detect cell-free DNA in liquid biopsy, or to measure CAR-T biodistribution.

Discuss your project requirements

Whether you know exactly the type of immune monitoring approach you need or would like expert support with project design, we can deliver.

Discuss your project requirements

Whether you know exactly the type of immune monitoring approach you need or would like expert support with project design, we can deliver.

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