Multiplex Cytokine
Profiling Services

Providing a window into immunological processes such as the inflammatory response or disease progression, cytokine profiling is an important tool for measurement of cytokine release, diagnosis classification between stages of disease, and surveillance for therapy.

Precision offers several multiplex cytokine profiling assay platforms including Meso Scale Discovery (MSD), Luminex, and Quanterix SIMOA platforms. We also will design and run ELISAs when only one to three analytes are present or when otherwise appropriate. Additionally, we specialize in activated T-cell based assays requiring same day treatment and processing. All of our assays can be customized to detect cytokines of interest.

Multiplex cytokine profiling delivers quantitative insight

Enhance your view of the molecular events occurring within your sample to better understand disease events and therapeutic response
Technologies we use for cytokine profiling

We run cytokine profiling assays using ELISAs, MSD, SIMOA, and Luminex platforms. In addition to the ability to run multiplex assays, we are experts in recommending an appropriate platform and format based on sample volume, sample matrix, required dynamic range and sensitivity, and multiplexing needs.

Global reach, multi-site support

We provide cytokine profiling services that support pre-clinical and clinical research, including global, multi-site studies, through specialty labs located at multiple sites in the US and the EU. All studies utilize standardized SOPs to ensure sample integrity.

Comparison of cytokine profiling capabilities by instrument/assay type

Choosing the right immune monitoring technology

Understand use cases for cytokine profiling, cell-based immunophenotyping, gene expression, sequencing, circulating tumor markers, and immunohistochemistry and multiplex immunofluorescence.

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Integrating biomarker and clinical trial data

To help researchers understand and interpret biomarker assay data in the context of other assays as well as the clinical trial data, Precision provides the option of managing and analyzing data using our proprietary QuartzBio Translational Informatics platform.

Learn more about the sample management, informatics, and computational capabilities of QuartzBio.

Working with Precision

Precision’s scientists take a collaborative approach to projects and can provide recommendations on assay strategies and implementation, if needed. Services can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic development package including biomarker assays and clinical trials.

Related services

Immune Monitoring by Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry provides high-dimensional insight into immune cells and target engagement. We have both research-grade instruments for up to 31 parameters analysis, and CLIA instruments, all supported by a global sample processing and logistics network to ensure sample integrity.

Immune Monitoring by Epiontis ID

Precision’s proprietary Epiontis ID technology delivers robust, repeatable, yet cost-effective immune cell phenotyping without the need for viable cells. With over 100,000 clinical samples analyzed, Epiontis ID is a globally accepted immune monitoring technology.

ELISpot and FluoroSpot

ELISpot and FluoroSpot can quantify antigen-specific T or B cells. In addition to assays, we offer large banks of cryopreserved control cells.

Discuss your project requirements

Whether you know exactly the type of immune monitoring approach you need or would like expert support with project design, we can deliver.

Discuss your project requirements

Whether you know exactly the type of immune monitoring approach you need or would like expert support with project design, we can deliver.

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