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eBook: Sample Chaos in Oncology Clinical Trials

eBook: Sample Chaos in Oncology Clinical Trials

Make sense of biomarker samples in oncology clinical trials

Oncology studies, like other biomarker-rich therapeutic areas, generate multiple sample types and derivatives that travel to diverse specialty labs, screening labs, and biorepositories. As research and operations teams often lack centralized visibility into sample collection, processing, and storage status, they face the unenviable task of overcoming sample and data chaos.

Within this eBook, authored for oncology translational research and clinical operations teams, Precision experts examine the various impacts sample chaos can have on complex oncology clinical trials, answer questions such as:

  • “Are all clinical trial sites collecting the samples we expect and need?”
  • “When will enough samples arrive to trigger batch processing?”
  • “Were these samples properly consented?”
  • “How many whole blood samples with a particular mutation do we have across all Phase I studies?”
  • “Can we report sample expiration status across all of our contracted biorepositories?”


As veterans of clinical trial data management, the authors describe ways to break down data silos to help generate both scientific and operational insights for oncology research teams. Discover how a well-annotated virtual repository can be a powerful tool for more efficient drug development.

Download the eBook to learn easy-to-implement approaches for keeping track of clinical samples without resorting to headache-inducing spreadsheets.