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Angelina, Bisconte Avatar

Angelina Bisconte

Angelina Bisconte is an authority in utilizing human primary biological tissue and cells in research and drug discovery. She is a developer of translational biomarkers for Phase I/II clinical programs in autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer, and is an expert in phenotypic cell-based assays using multiple primary cell systems such as T/Th17/T-regs, NK-T, B/Plasma/Plasmablasts, Myeloid cells, Dendritic cells (pDCc/mDCs), and MDSCs. She serves as a strategist in multi-parametric single-cell flow cytometry and analysis of flow cytometry data. Additionally, Angelina maintains a broad network of contacts at clinical sites and research hospitals, experienced with IRB submissions and clinical protocols. She is a scientific leader for Precision’s Biomaterials commercial sourcing.