Fully Customized
Clinical Development

Every clinical trial is unique, and Precision tailors strategies that consider every pressure point. In-house clinical development experts think through the critical scientific, regulatory, and commercial factors, then apply deep science and cutting-edge data analytics to optimize each trial’s development strategy.

Clinical Development Planning

Cross-functional experts deliver innovative thinking around medical, scientific, operational, statistical, and regulatory considerations, we deliver innovative thinking around considerations, to craft a solution to each unique study’s needs.

Cell & Gene Therapy Strategies

With team members who are global thought leaders in cell and gene therapy development, Precision brings together scientific, clinical and regulatory expertise that is advancing the development of these programs as well as oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines and radiolabeled ligands.

Biomarker Strategies

We integrate clinical trial execution excellence with the power of biomarker assays and data science to provide robust insights for advanced asset value.

CDx Regulatory and Market Access

We maximize value by focusing on access from the start, applying market access considerations to target positioning and trial design.

Merging the clinical and translational pathway

Comprehensive expertise, integrated at every step

Our clinical development consulting leverages Precision’s end-to-end expertise to develop a personalized blueprint for each study. A biomarker-driven strategy paired with advanced analytics maximizes evidence generation and more efficiently assesses the biology, safety, and efficacy of advanced therapeutics.

Robust scientific information supports dose selection, characterizes mechanism of action, and informs patient selection/stratification. A continual focus on market access delivers the evidence necessary to maximize access and value.

Discover how our clinical development experts can advance your international clinical trial

Discover how our clinical development experts can advance your international clinical trial

Clinical trial services

Global Clinical Trial Footprint

Sample processing labs, clinical trial sites and offices in five continents provide the clinical reach and scale to manage complex global programs.

Clinical Trial Management

Fully integrated biomarker-driven trial management solutions-from study start-up through full-service execution-help accelerate your path to approval.

Clinical Trial Design

Advanced trial-design approaches-including basket, umbrella, and adaptive trials-deliver biomarker driven clinical research. Deep experience in these highly complex trial designs maximizes both insights and efficiency.


Seasoned biostatisticians and statistical programmers deliver insight into every trial phase, from study design to regulatory submissions, all backed by meticulous documentation and data monitoring.

Clinical Sample Management

Sample inventories from a global network of labs supply real-time processing in 55 countries; consolidated data from central labs, screening labs, and specialty labs with clinical data create actionable reports.

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