Clinical Trial Design
that Maximizes
Biomarker-Driven Insights

Precise science leads to better targeting of patient populations. Flexibility in clinical study design is essential to responding to emerging biomarker data by adapting study conduct. Patient populations can be refined, rather than randomized, based on umbrella or basket designs, depending on the nature of the study drug and relevant indications as well as the different types of clinical research being performed. Our team of Precision experts focuses on protocol nuances to match each patient with the optimal study population and gain valuable insights from biomarkers. This results in a “rapid-to-market” strategy precisely tailored to your product.

Basket & Umbrella Trials

We carefully select sites for both their scientific expertise and patient recruitment success, then maintain constant communication for nimble decision-making that accelerates proof-of-concept for various types of clinical studies.

Biomarker Clinical Trials

We use diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers to enable informed decision making, resulting in a faster approval time and a statistically higher rate of commercialization.

Master Protocol Trials

We stay at the forefront of clinical trial design, pairing statistical rigor and biomarker expertise to design and implement master protocol trials.

Informed by biomarkers. Designed for insights.

Biomarkers have the power to accelerate every phase of clinical research—yet they can add complexity, requiring advanced clinical trial designs. Precision was purpose-built to maximize insight into human biology, integrating rigorous science with advanced statistical analysis. This expertise informs every clinical trial design. This includes study design types such as basket, umbrella, master protocol, or adaptive design.

With end-to-end services, we select the optimal approach for your study, swiftly develop the most advantageous trial design, then implement our controlled plan to capitalize on the inherent efficiency of biomarker-driven studies. As a result, when compared to other clinical trial designs, Precision delivers faster clinical development outcomes.

Case Study: A basket trial and an accelerated pathway to proof-of-concept

Precision for Medicine, Oncology and Rare Disease has been working with a sponsor since 2013 on a trial with an adaptive approach to exploring multiple tumor types concurrently, as an accelerated pathway to proof-of-concept.

Targeted patient: The study targets subjects with a specific rare mutation. The protocol identifies a list of possible mutations. All patients are required to have genomic assays completed with the mutation identified before enrollment will be considered.

Study Design: The initial protocol had 8 different tumor-specific mutation cohorts in a Simon’s 2-stage design. For the first stage, 7 patients are enrolled; if 1 response is observed the cohort expands to stage 2. If no responses are identified, the cohort may be closed, with new tumor types identified. Tumor types are ruled “in” for further exploration (up to the point of accelerated approval or phase 3 investment) or “out” within this trial.

Discover how our clinical trial design experts can advance your international clinical trial

Discover how our clinical trial design experts can advance your international clinical trial

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