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Empowering Clinical Operations with Enhanced Biospecimen Lifecycle Management

Empowering Clinical Operations with Enhanced Biospecimen Lifecycle Management

Smooth the flow of your precious resources 

Like a supply chain snag halting an assembly line, shortcomings in biospecimen management bottleneck the translation of research into precision medicines. These obstacles impede sample traceability and accountability.

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Data intelligence experts, such as the innovation teams at Precision for Medicine, are deploying platforms that streamline operations across biopharmaceutical organizations and central laboratories. They have concentrated their focus on increasing visibility into biospecimen chain of custody, given the importance and irreplaceable value of specimens generated during biomarker-informed clinical trials.

Challenges Inherent in Traditional Biospecimen Operations

  1. Ambiguity in roles and responsibilities among various teams, both internal and external.
  2. Discontinuous or poorly documented chain of custody contributing to prolonged clinical trial timelines.
  3. Common utilization of manual tracking through spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.

Recommendations for Enhancing Biospecimen Management

  1. Advocate for Quality Management System (QMS)-level processes in specimen management.
  2. Explore technological solutions, exemplified by Precision QuartzBio’s virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) solution, to streamline biospecimen management.
  3. Reduce or eliminate manual tasks to improve accuracy and get faster results.
  4. Promote standardization and collaborative efforts to expedite biomarker research and advance clinical trials.

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