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Accelerate Early Phase Development with Precision

Navigate First-In-Human to Proof of Concept with aligned expertise & solutions. Start with Precision

Precision for Medicine delivers early phase clinical trials with integrated services, expertise in Oncology & Rare Disease, and advanced methodologies to significantly shorten your development timelines. Engage with us to propel your groundbreaking therapies from concept through early-stage clinical success with unparalleled speed and precision.

Pioneering early phase research in Oncology & Rare Diseases

At the core of Precision for Medicine's early phase clinical trials is a pioneering spirit and a steadfast commitment to Oncology and Rare Disease research. This dedication is the driving force behind our deep domain expertise, enabling us to tackle ambitious trial designs and complex challenges head-on. In the realm of oncology and rare diseases, where every study can be a voyage into uncharted territory, Precision for Medicine stands at the forefront of innovation and steadfast resolve. Our team excels in managing the intricate maze of data points that these trials generate, ensuring that each piece of information is leveraged to its fullest potential to illuminate the path toward groundbreaking therapies.

Augmented by cutting-edge technologies and supported by teams of industry veterans, we create a strategic advantage for our client sponsors that is unparalleled. It is this fusion of technological innovation, operational excellence, and a deep understanding of patient care that enables us to transform ambitious visions into tangible successes, paving the way for the next generation of clinical breakthroughs.

Oncology expertise by indication

Onc_Website Chart Onc_Website Chart

Rare disease expertise by therapeutic area

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Optimize & advance your early phase development

Navigate the complexities of early phase development with Precision. Our integrated solutions address the industry's challenges at this critical stage. We merge our deep expertise with a suite of services uniquely crafted to compress timelines and refine strategies, aiming to streamline your clinical program's journey. At Precision for Medicine, our teams and comprehensive services are designed to not only set your project on the right path but also to significantly accelerate its journey toward breakthrough success. Discover the tailored services that epitomize our proficiency in guiding early phase development with precision and foresight.
  • Plan & Optimize
  • Seamless Phase 1 - 2
  • Specialty Labs & Assays
  • Protocol Optimization with Precision Expertise

    Transform ambitious trial designs into actionable plans with our domain expertise in Oncology and Rare Diseases. We craft flexible operational strategies, translating intricate designs into optimized protocols for successful studies.  By translating intricate designs into optimized protocols, we pave the way for your study's success — delivered with the precision you need for this pivotal stage of clinical discovery.

    Explore Trial Design
    Trial Design Optimization
  • Fast-Track Trial Design

    Embrace the advantages of seamless Phase 1/2 study designs. This approach can accelerate and compress the timelines of your clinical development journey. Discover Precision’s best practices for seamless Phase 1 - 2 study planning and execution. Learn more in our latest eBook.

    Explore Seamless Execution
    Early Phase Development Fast-Track
  • Advancing Therapies with Precision Assays

    Unlock the full potential of your early phase trials with Precision’s specialty lab services. Our expert assay development and validation not only enhance the accuracy and reliability of your data but also streamline your path to milestone achievements. Discover how our tailored lab solutions can revolutionize your therapy's journey from lab bench to clinical success.

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Case studies in early phase development

Read the latest case studies and insights from the front lines of clinical development.  

Enhance early phase development with strategic insights

Precision redefines the landscape of clinical development by blending innovative lab technologies, expert advisory services, and strategic insights that extend beyond conventional trial and program support. Our suite of services, from advanced therapy manufacturing advisories and robust investor relations to forefront HEOR strategies and market access insights, is engineered to navigate the complexities of bringing your innovations to life. With a focus on creating a seamless bridge from discovery to delivery, we empower your intellectual property with the strategic advantage it needs to thrive in a competitive environment. Immerse yourself in our ecosystem of specialized services, each designed to transform your early phase development journey into a pathway paved with success. 

  • Proprietary Lab Technology
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Investor relation insights
  • HEOR & access strategy
  • Pioneering Solutions with Precision's Labs

    Discover how Precision for Medicine's proprietary technologies like ApoStream® for CTC liquid biopsy and Epiontis ID® for immune cell profiling are revolutionizing early-phase trials. These innovations offer rare cell enrichment, immune monitoring, and precise cell count capabilities, enhancing trial efficiency and data quality. Dive into how our technological advancements can elevate your clinical development program.

    Explore Specialty Labs
  • Advanced therapy manufacturing solutions

    Discover Precision's end-to-end manufacturing advisory, from preclinical to commercial scale. Specializing in advanced therapy medicinal products, we provide strategic planning, process optimization, facility design, and regulatory guidance. Our Manufacturing Solutions team at Precision for Medicine, formerly known as Project Farma, ensures your therapy's scalable production and accelerated market entry. Learn how our comprehensive services can navigate your product through complex manufacturing challenges to successful launch.

    Explore manufacturing solutions
  • Capitalize with Precision's IR

    Enhance your access to capital with Stern IR, a Precision company, renowned for expert investor relations for companies at all stages of development. With 25 years’ experience connecting novel science and medicine to the financial resources that enable novel therapeutic, we heighten your company’s visibility among investors and analysts and clearly communicate your medical innovations to this audience. Whether you're a preclinical startup or a late stage clinical trailblazer, our tailored IR approach is designed to secure the resources necessary for your clinical journey's success. 

    Elevate your IR strategy
    FSP Governance
  • Build Value with HEOR & Access Insights

    Craft an impactful value proposition early in your therapy's journey with Precision's HEOR and market access experts.  We illuminate the path to market by aligning HEOR and access insights and strategy with your clinical development and investment plans. By highlighting unmet need, competitive landscape analyses, and stakeholder perspectives, we position your innovation for success. Our tailored solutions, including early economic modeling, ensure your therapy not only meets clinical goals but also showcases its real-world impact, enhancing appeal to investors and payers alike.

    Explore HEOR services

Early phase Precision resources

Discover our collection of resources designed to optimize and accelerate your early phase development, including our latest eBook on Seamless Phase 1-2 Study Best Practices.

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  • Brochure

    Translational Central Lab Services

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    Translational Central Lab Services
  • eBook

    Designing Seamless Phase 1-2 Oncology Trials

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    Designing Seamless Phase 1-2 Oncology Trials
  • Poster

    pKDR/KDR Ratio as Possible Predictor of Response in Phase I/II Study of Erlotinib and Bevacizumab for Recurrent or Metastatic Head and Neck Cancer

    Download Poster
    pKDR/KDR Ratio as Possible Predictor of Response in Phase I/II Study of Erlotinib and Bevacizumab for Recurrent or Metastatic Head and Neck Cancer

Specialized capabilities in every stage of clinical development

An integrated infrastructure that reduces the inefficiencies inherent in complex development

  • clinical-trial-support

    Global CRO Services

    A recognized leader in oncology and rare diseases with rich experience in complex trials

  • specialty-lab-services


    Experts in translational and biomarker sciences with worldwide specialty labs and central lab services that are enabling breakthroughs.

  • manufacturing

    Manufacturing Solutions

    Proven pioneer in planning, building and maintaining complex manufacturing facilities for biotech and large pharma.


Pioneer new therapies with Precision expertise

With Precision, your pioneering treatments in Oncology, Rare Diseases, and beyond are propelled from concept to reality, supported by teams with deep domain expertise and innovative approaches

Accelerate early phase development with insights from Precision’s blog

Stay informed with the latest insights from our experts, who share knowledge, trends, and success stories from the forefront of clinical research.