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Global Immune Monitoring Solutions

Industry-leading array of comprehensive immune monitoring solutions

Precision provides comprehensive immune monitoring services, from the development of customized assays for early clinical studies to managing the logistical and immune monitoring testing needs of global, registrational trials. We leverage multiple technology platforms on a global scale, including proprietary innovations like Epiontis ID®.

Unraveling the complexities of immunity: tailored solutions for detailed insights

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    Flow Cytometry

    Standard and spectral flow cytometry, on both research-grade and CLIA-validated instruments
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    Epiontis ID® Epigenetic Cell Profiling

    Precision’s proprietary immune monitoring technology which delivers robust, repeatable, and cost-effective immune cell phenotyping on any sample type
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    Cytokine Profiling & Proteomics

    Customized assays to detect cytokines or proteins of interest utilizing ELISA, Luminex, MSD, SIMOA, and Western Blotting

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    ELISpot and Fluorospot

    ELISpot and FluoroSpot - including custom assays in support of gene therapy immunogenicity - from preclinical through clinical development

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    Cell-Based Assays

    Developing and qualifying 2D and 3D human in vitro cell-based models using a broad range of human primary cell types, with analysis enabling a variety of endpoints
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    Gene Expression Profiling of Biopsies

    Understand target expression, adaptive and innate immune responses at the gene expression level. Technologies we use for gene expression profiling include NanoString, Illumina RNA-seq, ddPCR, and qPCR.


Efficient sample management logistics enable global immune monitoring services

Precision’s immune monitoring services are strengthened by a global logistics network, designed to safeguard sample integrity and maximize data reliability.

Clinical Reach

Global clinical sample and PBMC processing

  • Global PBMC processing in 24 hours or less
  • Regular competency assessment and monitoring to ensure site-to-site and lab-to-lab data comparability
  • Long- and short-term storage at optimal temperatures

Clinical sample logistics and biostorage

Our extensive global biorepository footprint includes the first to receive CAP certification. Currently, we are responsible for the storage of >20 million biospecimens under controlled conditions. We can accommodate any type of fluid or solid biological specimen at controlled ambient temperatures, +4, -20, -80, or in liquid nitrogen vapor. 

The biorepository includes numerous security and safety features:

  • Redundant backup systems, dedicated backup units
  • Around-the-clock automated temperature monitoring
  • In-house HVAC technicians, specializing in cascade refrigeration

Unlocking potential: flow cytometry for breakthrough research

Precision for Medicine offers a suite of flow cytometry services tailored to the intricate demands of modern scientific research and therapeutic development.


Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

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Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

Epiontis ID®—Optimized immune profiling

Within our suite of immune monitoring services, Epiontis ID® proprietary technology stands out by offering an epigenetic approach to cell profiling. See how it works.


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