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Technologies Advancing Patient Identification, Site Selection and Clinical Trial Recruitment

Technologies Advancing Patient Identification, Site Selection and Clinical Trial Recruitment

The criteria a Sponsor uses to select a CRO extends far beyond just the therapeutic expertise of their staff.

The ability of a contract research organization (CRO) to identify the right sites with suitable patients and to reliably achieve study enrollment goals can save Sponsors considerable costs. Ultimately, these efforts help to accelerate the possibility of effective treatments for patients.

From study planning, protocol development, and site selection to enrollment, retention, and follow-up, patients sit at the heart of our decision-making. This enables better access to potentially life-changing clinical studies and ensures Sponsors are meeting the real needs of the right target populations. Precision leverages proprietary systems and a carefully vetted selection of technology partners to support studies across their entire lifecycle.

Protocol Development and site identification using PurpleLab

A partner like PurpleLab can support from the earliest planning stages. For trials in the United States with strict selection criteria, PurpleLab leverages access to medical and pharmacy claims data that includes information on 200 million Americans. The data helps to identify patients with specific diagnostic and treatment codes. In-house analysis can inform and estimate eligible patient populations, identifying health care organizations with the greatest numbers of patients that meet specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.

  • PurpleLab benefits Sponsors by helping to refine protocols before study initiation and identifying sites based on medical claims data to facilitate study feasibility and site selection.

Patient Identification & Enrollment with EHRconnect

Assisting patient enrollment across the US and Europe is EHRconnect. This Precision platform provides detailed instructions to activated clinical trial sites based on study requirements, allowing for effective mining of electronic health record (EHR) data. This allows Precision teams to assist sites in identifying potentially appropriate clinical trial patients, supporting site feasibility and recruitment efforts. With an easy-to-use interface, each activated site is empowered to use its EHR system more effectively for patient identification.

  • EHRconnect benefits Sponsors by providing Clinical Research Coordinators and Nurses—who are often overworked and understaffed—with efficient tools to find eligible patients with a higher probability of meeting study requirements, decreasing enrollment times.

Global clinical trial support with KOL Data Solutions

By identifying KOLs working actively in target therapeutic areas or indications, KOL Data Solutions can support protocol development, clinical trial execution, and commercial discussions. Experts are scored and ranked using proprietary bibliometric software and expert research-based search strategies that account for geography, relevant literature, clinical trials, guidelines, congresses, associations, editorial board participation, social media presence, and more.

  • KOL Data Solutions benefits Sponsors by providing new and innovative ways to reach target audiences, including leveraging the most effective opinion leaders and their vast network of followers. 

Partners in your study’s potential

When researching your next CRO partner, consider the entirety of their capabilities, from in-house expertise to outside support. With the right tools and the right expertise, Sponsors can streamline the ways in which patients are identified to support on-time study start-ups.

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