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Due Diligence & Strategy

Manufacturing facilities represent a significant financial commitment for life-science companies—and success may depend on careful situational analysis leading to a comprehensive, flexible strategy.

Drug manufacturing requires substantial investment and involves an abundance of choices. Be secure knowing that every option has been considered when Precision manages your due diligence and manufacturing strategy.

See the end at the beginning — and at every stage in between

Whether we represent an innovator preparing for fundraising, or venture capitalists analyzing the technical operations of a potential investment, we supply the qualitative and quantitative assessments and strategies necessary to make an informed decision. 

  • Due Diligence Technical Assessments​

  • Landscape and Market Analysis​

  • Training and Education​

  • Modeling (Qualitative and Quantitative)​

  • Capacity Planning​

  • "Make vs. Buy" or "Build vs. Buy" Assessments​

  • Cost of Goods Analysis​

  • Facility Build Planning​

  • CDMO and Site Selection


Careful planning is the bedrock for manufacturing success

Critical decisions concerning the location, scale, and cost of drug manufacturing cannot be made in a vacuum. You need careful due diligence before weighing the relative merits of a range of scenarios: build vs. buy assessments, cost of good analysis, site selection, and CDMO choice. We start with landscape and market analysis, consider technology options, conduct qualitative and quantitative modeling to plan capacity and evaluate possibilities, then develop a comprehensive manufacturing strategy for your therapy.

We pioneered the industrialization of 10+ commercial cell, gene, and novel therapies. And that’s just the start.

Our team has unmatched credibility in advanced therapies. We leverage our experience to go beyond strategy, building partnerships, establishing plans, and executing against them.

Full-time team members
Offices globally in North America, European Union, and APAC
Client partnerships
Client retention rate

People first and patient-focused

Our greatest resource is our people, with patients at the core of everything we do. Commitment to that value provides a foundation of success for us and our partners.